Sing it with me, you know the song… Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, goes together like a horse and carriage, this I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other… Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage…When thinking about that song, does it get you excited about love an marriage? Although it’s the great Frank Sinatra, it’s a slow rambling country type pace with not a lot of pizzazz. The song leads me to believe that marriage will be boring at best and enduring to say the least. Is this how you want your marriage to be? I hope not. But so many times this is what we find. This is what we end up with or maybe even worse. Maybe it’s so bad that we just can’t stay there any longer. We want to be out of the drudgery, and we want to be free.

I remember feeling that way myself. I had left my full ride college scholarship in Hawaii for my handsome boyfriend who I could just not stand to be apart from. We got married and were so excited to do life together. I felt that way for a couple wonderful years and then “real life hit.” Real life was that I got pregnant and became so sick that I had to quit my job. Real life was my hubby was trying to pay for the new mortgage we just got when I could no longer work because I was so sick. Real life was being married and pregnant when all my friends were still at college having fun and I was home miserable. Real life was being bored at home because I didn’t know what to do with myself all day besides sleep and cry. We could not afford TV and there was no internet back then. I was used to being busy and successful. Wow, was this my new future? My hubby didn’t really like dealing with sick grumpy me so he turned to video games to tune me out. Not a happy start. Why did I leave Hawaii for this I wondered?

Thankfully, I did get better from being sick and went back to work. But then our sweet first baby was born and I could not bare to leave her for a job so I decided to stay home with her. She was so colicky; I was so sleep deprived and bored and money was beyond tight. My hubby informed me he didn’t “do babies” and Bekah was my job until she was walking and talking and potty trained. Again, not an ideal situation. What did I do about my situation? Cried, and wished I could reverse time and choose a different path. But now I was committed so I must endure my choices. That’s what I told myself anyhow. The years rolled on and life got easier as I adjusted to motherhood, but I was always in enduring mode in marriage. Not that we didn’t have good times ever but those are not the times I’d most often recall. We had 3 more kids and I started working in real estate and buried my marriage woes and focused on building my successful real estate business.

At year 15, I told my hubby I couldn’t do it anymore. I was so deeply unhappy. We decided to try harder and make it work. Did it get better? No! I just hunkered down and kept enduring. At year 20 I decided to leave. But before I left, I decided to go to a mind reprogramming class as I had used the process to heal my broken back from a hiking accident in 2013. When I got home from the class, our marriage was fixed. Wait what? How could this possibly be? He was not even at the class. I didn’t work on our marriage. I only worked on me. Wait, the problems were not all him. Wow! Somewhat of a rude awakening but a very happy awakening. Our marriage was immediately better, and we’ve never looked back since.

We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I can’t imagine how I was unhappy for so long and I can’t believe I almost left, and I can’t believe it’s so good now.

Do you want this transformation in your marriage?

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Friday February 14th, 2020 (Valentine’s Day) 12:30pm-2pm PST

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Recent pic of me and my honey during our 25th wedding anniversary trip to the Bahamas.

Here’s to your happily ever after!

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team