Advanced Mindset for Professional Success:

"I have never met anyone who possesses the innate skill to transform the Subjective Mind into what I think of as the Objective Mind more quickly and resolutely than Jenny Harkleroad. Every CEO on the planet should enroll Jenny to apply her genius to their people. Look out when they do!"
Michael E. Gerber
World renowned author of The E-Myth Books and “World’s #1 Small Business Guru.” -Inc. Magazine


Did you know, according to scientists, your subconscious mind is running you. You may think that you are consciously in charge of your life and your success, but scientists have discovered that 95-99% of the time, we are being run by our subconscious mind. Your mind is never without a goal. Your mind is either supporting the creation of your goals or blocking your success. The subconscious is processing 40 million bits of information per second and we don’t even realize it’s happening. We think our life is happening to us but we are creating it from the inside out. Our life and our success or lack thereof is literally a print out of our subconscious programming. These programs keep you in action and success or fear and scarcity. What programs are you running? If you business and your success does not look how you want it to look, it’s simply because you do not have a subconscious program to support that goal and bring it to fruition. If you don’t have the time, money and professional success you are looking for, we have a process that can help you change your results by tapping into the power of your mind. Don’t try harder, reprogram your mind. That way, instead of struggling to achieve, it will come naturally, even automatically. You will find a new ease like when you put two magnets together and they are attracting each other instead of repelling each other. Imagine feeling a huge shift within yourself like that. That success is now attracted to you and all you have to do it act!

The first step in our program is to figure out what you want different in your personal and professional life. What do you want different? Share that list with us so we can help you program those goals into your mind to create your new reality. We love to work with you privately or in group sessions with your company on reprogramming your goals into your subconscious mind. What the mind believes, it achieves! It really is that simple, powerful and effective.

You have to get into the subconscious, and change the programming if you want to transform your level of success. There is no easier path to success and joy and achievement.

At Balanced You™, corporations, business owners and professionals hire us because so many are stuck in self sabotage, mind chatter and limiting beliefs, so we help them set up a new automatic operating system so they can accomplish their goal of more motivation, sales, better leadership and much more. To change the mind, it only takes minutes when using the powerful process we use.

Our founder, Jenny Harkleroad had so much success with this process that she left a multi-million dollar business, sold her big home, and started over helping others transform their lives with the power of their minds. Not only did Jenny find great success with this process and build up another world wide business in a couple short years, but she has the same great success with her clients.

Think of how often you update your phones and computers and technology, but when did you last reprogram your mind? It’s time for a brain update so you can turn your goals into your reality.

After reprogramming the mind with Summit Transformation™ in person or online,  (it works the same as we walk you through the process in our office or online,) privately or in groups, most notice dramatic changes in their life and professional success. After working with us, you do not have to try to be different, you are different because of the mind reprogramming work you did. It really is that simple! Are you ready to take your success to a level you never thought possible. The power of your mind can get you there. Are you ready to transform your success? We’d love to assist you in that process.

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Balanced You™ Program Results

"Jenny has been an amazing guide in figuring out how to approach my goals and what shifts to make to see success. She has great talent in uncovering what might be blocking from discernment about the right action steps and blocking negative beliefs that prevent reaching set goals. In the past couple of months, I have experienced major shifts in my personal and professional life and seen more progress in areas where I hadn't seen much progress for years. It has been a delight to work with Jenny! Thank you!"
Financial Planner
“Since working with Balanced You™, I am more confident, bold, centered and fearless! I hit top sales person of the quarter with a new deal I closed this week. I would never have done that without the help of Balanced You™. I’m more consistent, it’s easier to connect with others, and things no longer get to me that used to bother me. I’m lighter hearted and always laughing. I thank my boss everyday day for investing in me to help me succeed at a new level as one of the leaders on her team. I’m excited for even more mind reprogramming. The sky is the limit!”
Insurance Sales
"After working with Balanced You™ I am able to stay focused at work. I am engaging better with the colleagues that report to me and have been able to keep them focused at work as well. I have increased my production at work and we have met and exceeded our goals for the year. I could not be happier. I am amazed at how this process made such a difference for me. I highly recommend Jenny and the Balanced You™ facilitators and their programs. It was a joy to go thru their program and it really does work! I will continue to work with them to support my new personal and business goals.”
Bank V.P.
“Jenny, the change in the client of ours that we sent you is unreal. We have known her probably about 5 years already. She has always been somewhat hesitant in pushing forward with the talent and amazing coaching powers that she has. We are working with her now in developing her business plan and moving forward. The changes that we see are so amazing! This will propel her forward faster than anything else we could have done with her. Thank you!”
“The Balanced You™ program helped me to achieve immediate results. I am a writer and editor in chief of a magazine in Texas and I had been approached by a large corporation about writing an assignment. I quickly realized that my work mostly benefited them, but after working with Balanced You™ again, I was able to go back with confidence and renegotiated a better contract that benefited both of us equally. I cannot stress enough the importance of being aware of how much stronger you can be if you learn and are able to use the power of your subconscious mind. The benefits are endless. Balanced You™ can provide that in a very simple and easy way. I highly recommend it.”
~Lilia Davis
“I’ve worked with Jenny many times over the years I have known her…and each time I am amazed that the outcome is so positive. I contacted her while I was studying for a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation. I had passed a 7-year background check, passed all the required pre-requisite classes including 2 very arduous ethics exams. The exam continues to have a 20% pass rate and to date there are less than 170 people across the United States that have earned this designation. I worked with Jenny Friday afternoon over the telephone! On Monday afternoon I PASSED the exam! It’s always it was a pleasure working with Jenny. I highly recommend you contact her and her team for any challenges you are facing.”
~Rosemarie J. Litoff

Ask Yourself, How is Your Success Now? How Would You Rather It Be?

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Results are in!

These are the results reported by our clients from our last 517 client sessions.

  • Our clients complete a survey one week after each private session to track their results.
  • All clients are required to submit their results.
  • These are the numbers they reported in their follow up survey one week after each private session.
  • Year to date numbers are updated regularly.

67% of our clients report at least a 50% improvement within one week on their Short Term Professional Success goals.

60% of our clients report at least a 50% improvement within one week on their Long Term Professional Success goals.

Professional Success Goals (Short Term)
1 week Improvement

Professional Success Goals (Long Term)
1 week Improvement

*Results last updated August 10, 2023

Mindset + Mechanics = Sales Success

Mechanics of Sales Success:

You NEED the right mindset to succeed in sales. But once you’ve got that mindset with our Summit Transformation™ process, you also need the sales skills to succeed.

We offer sales training with an emphasis on how to reach the decision maker because if you can’t reach the right person, you can’t sell!

Here are our global year to date sales success stats with the SOAR® 2.0 training process:

Here are some companies who have used the SOAR® process:

Ask Yourself, How is Your Success Now? How Would You Rather It Be?

Schedule a no-cost, 30-minute intro call with us to discuss the changes you want in your professional life or for your company.

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