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Mind Reprogramming Facilitation for the treatment for pain

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My personal journey

... I had major back surgery inserting rods and screws and a synthetic disc. I had a long slow recovery but the pain never stopped.  The pain was horrific, burning, chronic pain. Western and Eastern doctors tried everything and when nothing worked, they told me I need to learn to live with the pain, manage the pain. This answer was not acceptable to me. I could not even handle the pain while living on pain killers. I wanted my life back and could not live like this. I decided to search for answers until I found one. This was a long and tedious and expensive search! The amazing thing was no one had the answer except me! The answers were in me and I didn't even know it. My subconscious knew what the problem was. Once we tapped into knowing the root of the problem, we quickly made it better and the pain stopped. Really it was a miracle for me. I have no worries of ever having pain issues again as we found the root of the problem and took care of it through a balance process. We can ask your system what’s going on and hope to get to the bottom of your pain too. Because I dealt with chronic pain for so many years, I really have a soft spot for those who suffer with pain. I can remember when my life was not my own. Pain dictated everything. This was extremely difficult for me to deal and also for my husband and children. I remember the day when my pain stopped after a process of subconscious discovery. I literally screamed and my family came running to see if I was okay.

I was actually screaming with joy that the pain had turned off. It was really a miracle!

Grateful does not even begin to express how I felt as you can imagine if you suffer with chronic pain. I remember my kids literally crying with joy for my pain relief.

I didn’t realize what an effect my pain was having on them. I tried to keep a smile on my face and bear the pain without too much stress to them but it turns out that they suffered more than I realized. I couldn’t be the mom I used to be or wanted to be while dealing with chronic pain. My pain seemed to effect them as much as it did me.

It has been a huge awakening for me to realize that my body and mind are so connected. I really thought what went on in my body and what went on in my mind were two totally separate issues. I now know that is not the case. Why do most people have lower immune function when they are stressed out? Is it just that the flu season and college finals align? I've learned it's much more connected than that. Once I learned more about the connection of my mind and body I felt free. Things will no longer happen to me without me having understanding as to the cause and also knowing how to make the course correction to avoid and discomfort or dis-ease. As cell biologist Bruce Lipton says in his book The Wisdom of Your Cells, "the observer creates the reality." The more I come to understand this science of my cells, the more excited and powerful I feel about my unlimited potential for health and happiness. I can't wait to share this life changing information with you!

Jenny's Story

While working with clients, Jenny and her team have seen people change right before their very eyes from pain relief to healed addictions, developing self love, transforming relationships and creating more time, more money, more freedom and great business success.

Jenny and her team are thrilled to help others change their lives more quickly and easily than they ever thought possible. Come journey with them to brighter horizons where you can accomplish all you were meant to do, be all that you were meant to be and truly live with joy, time, money and freedom.

If you have chronic pain, I hope that you will consider this method.

If you are like me, I tried everything to get rid of my pain and never imagined a system like this could work for me. I really thought my pain was all physical and had nothing to do with my brain. Subconscious change was one of my last ditch efforts to get rid of my pain. I had tried every other method I'd ever heard of and nothing worked. Doctors said there was nothing more they could do. Through subconscious discovery I was able to turn my pain off! The subconscious holds a lot of information that we are not aware of. When we know how to work with the subconscious, we can often make changes. If there is a subconscious tie to your pain, it's possible for us to identify the cause and balance for change.

I wish for all pain suffers that they can have the experience I did where the pain just stopped.

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