YOU are limitless. YOU can accomplish anything!

The secret to success is believing! If you think you can you can!

So how do you know if you think you can? You look at your life.

Is there evidence that you believe you can accomplish everything you set your mind to? If not, you don’t believe it deep down. You may want to believe it, hope to believe it, try to believe it, but if you are not doing it, having it, living it, it’s because you don’t believe you can. Rule #1, don’t beat yourself up about not believing. It has nothing to do with how good or smart or talented or capable you are, it only has to do with how much you believe and if that belief is subconscious, literally below consciousness.

The great news is that science has discovered how we can believe, a scientific way to reprogram our believing. And when we change our believing, we literally change our chemistry and biology.

PhD cellular biologist Bruce Lipton explains in his book: The Biology of Belief, that it’s our cells perception that determines the action and reactions we take and don’t take. We even have the power to rewrite our genes based on this perception. Sadly, due to stress and lack of understanding of who we are and what we can accomplish, we forget that we truly are LIMITLESS, we self-sabotage and we do not accomplish our goals. And maybe worse, we literally make ourselves sick by rewriting our genes in a negative manner. Of course we don’t mean to do this. We would never purposely cause ourselves suffering I’d hope, but we do it without knowing, at a subconscious level.

Here is the good news, the great news, the best news of the 21st century.

You can change your beliefs. You can change your thinking. You change your results.

This is not a conscious mind process. The conscious mind is only in control about 5% of the time while our subconscious runs the show about 95% of the time. Would it make sense then to focus your attention on changing the powerhouse within you that is bringing 95% of your results? YES!

The first step to your limitless life is to figure out what you want.

So many times we rattle off what we don’t want, but what do you want?

Start below and write a list of 10 things. If you could change ANYTHING about your life, what would it be? Write your goals like they already exists in your life. Make it short, powerful, positive, and in real time.

For example, if your goal is to be happy, you could write something like, “I am so incredibly happy every day!” Now this might just sound like a positive affirmation and it is if you just consciously repeat it. I invite you to do more than say it. I invite you to learn how to program your goals and dreams into your subconscious mind so instead of trying to feel happy, you just are happy because that is your new programming!

My new life looks like:











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To Your LIMITLESS life!

Jenny and the Balanced You™ Team