Dream, Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values

Our values, dream, purpose, vision, and mission drive all of us at Balanced You™ to help you find and achieve your ultimate success.
All of these core values are what we use to best serve you. 


To raise the consciousness of humanity by awakening people to the science of their minds and therefore, changing their lives for the better.


1 million happy, healthy, successful women (and a few good men) who bless the world.


To coach and train clients to their greatest success through certification courses, retreats, private balance sessions, and group balance sessions. 


To certify 10,000 people in Summit Transformation® and to coach 1 million women (and a few good men) to their greatest success.


We are committed to helping women (and a few good men):

  1. Transform their health & wellness, relationships, and professional success.
  2. Understand their value, divine worth, purpose, and potential.
  3. Create the life they want from the inside out.
  4. End their physical and emotional suffering.
  5. Create happy, soulful relationships.
  6. Find daily peace, balance, joy, abundance, and fun.
  7. Love themselves and others unconditionally.
  8. Make more money than they thought was possible.

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