Dream, Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values


To end physical and emotional suffering worldwide and to help people reach their personal and professional goals.


To help people and companies create happy, healthy, and wealthy lives from the inside out.


To coach and train clients and corporations to their greatest success through: private balance sessions, group balance sessions, our LEAP Transformation® wellness portal, certification courses, and retreats. 


To transform personal and corporate wellness by bringing a powerful mind and brain change process to the world.


We are committed to helping individuals:
  1. Transform their health & wellness, relationships, and professional success.
  2. Understand their value, divine worth, purpose, and potential.
  3. Create the life they want from the inside out.
  4. End their physical and emotional suffering.
  5. Create happy, soulful relationships.
  6. Find daily peace, balance, joy, abundance, and fun.
  7. Love themselves and others unconditionally.
  8. Make more money than they thought was possible.
We are committed to helping corporations:
  1. Increase the wellness of their staff.
  2. Increase sales and profits.
  3. Improve culture and collaboration.
  4. Increase productivity.
  5. Reduce turnover, absenteeism, and medical costs.
  6. Increase employee satisfaction and engagement.
  7. Improve their customer experience.

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