What is Mind Reprogramming?

Mind Reprogramming is a method for reprogramming subconscious beliefs as well as transforming trauma and irritations, investigating and possibly removing pain, improving bad relationships, accepting and moving past grief and loss, increasing spirituality, growing your personal power, increasing health and wellness, eliminating stress and anxiety and understanding yourself like you never have before. This method will help you make the best choices in your life and really help you feel magnetized towards anything you want to accomplish. Most of your current beliefs are really like a computer program running in your subconscious.

Do you know what programs are running? If you listen to yourself speak you can hear your limiting beliefs all day long. “I never…, I can’t…I hate…I’m mad…How could they…I’m nervous/anxious, the pain won't stop etc.” So many of these beliefs don’t serve you. Most of the time, they derail you. Think about your life now. If you could wave a magic wand and change it, what would you change? Mind Reprogramming takes these desired changes and with the wisdom of your own system, helps you to reprogram your subconscious mind, literally rewriting the code that runs you in an easy and painless way.

How does it work?

With a form of feedback from your system, we find out what’s getting in the way of what you want. Through whole brain integration and other specific processes, we balance your system to transform your subconscious programming with the wisdom of your own system. It that makes no sense, watch the intro movies. : ) Steps to Get Started.

How quickly does this work?

It depends what the goal is. If the goal is to get a new job, then once you are balanced to that goal you are actually magnetized to achieving it. You can’t sit on the couch waiting for the phone to ring with a job offer however. You still have to apply for the job! If the goal is to transform the feelings of a trauma, it takes less than 10 minutes to notice a HUGE result. If you are changing a belief, the change will happen in minutes but you might not notice the change until you are running the program in your system that deals with that issue. For example, say you are having trouble with your spouse. You balance that you have a kind and caring relationship and that you feel love, forgiveness and acceptance towards your partner. You might not feel different in the moment but when you see your spouse and interact with them, you will see the change! It’s so exciting! I did this one for myself! If the goal is pain relief, sometimes it takes several sessions to get to the bottom of the issue. Each person is different. Your openness to this process has a huge effect on how fast it works. If you are skeptical, let's balance for that first and get you believing in the power you hold.

Why does it work?

Your subconscious runs 95-99% of your life according to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton PhD. Most of the programming in your subconscious was downloaded by watching, listening, hearing, seeing, smelling etc. when you were young. For example, let’s say you are two years old in the backyard with your mom and she sees a snake. She screams and grabs your arm and drags you into the house doing her best to save your life from a most likely harmless snake. That event gave you a program in your subconscious for snakes. Let’s say that same snake slithers into the neighbor’s yard and that mom gasps with delight calling the children to come see this beautiful creature. She excitedly tells the kids about the snake and they touch it and learn about it. Those kids run a totally different “snake” program and response then the neighbor kids. Every event that goes on starting in utero and some believe before gives us these programs. Whatever you conscious mind is not focused on is being run by these programs. Imagine your dismay when you try and try and try to change or accomplish a goal and it just seems that no matter how hard you try you can’t make it happen. It’s not that you are not capable. It’s just there is something getting in the way and you don’t know what it is. Or maybe you do know what it is but can’t seem to overcome it. Imagine the child who was programed to be scared of snakes trying to not be scared. It’s hard to get over these programs. Our subconscious is literally 40 times more powerful than our conscious. That is an unfair battle! One that leaves most of us feeling frustrated and down on ourselves. Again there is great news! We can change these limiting beliefs and change the printout of your life! If you are looking for pain relief the reason this method works for many is because your body is trying to be healthy. Something is getting in the way. We can ask you systems what's blocking the healing. Many times when we identify the cause of the pain and balance it, which can cause it to stop. Life changing!

Who is this for?

Anyone ages 7 and older. Contact Jenny for exceptions for younger children. 1-800-809-5772.

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