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““Glorious news: The last few nights I've gotten seven, or close to seven hours of sleep, and two of those nights I got eight hours of sleep. This morning I woke up with the alarm clock, something that hasn't happened in at least a year. My ability to focus has improved significantly; I'm getting much more work done than ever before. It's really quite impressive. My stamina is also much better. And, I feel marvelous! Thanks very much for all of your help.”


“I feel more positive every day, & confident that I can swing my thoughts around because I now have the tools to do so! Thank you, Jenny, for helping me to learn the tools I need to impact my thoughts to be positive!”


“It isn't easy to raise yourself. Especially when you are self-employed. We have to wear many hats - receptionist, marketer, accountant, lawyer, janitor, and so on. We often think, "I can do this myself," but in truth, we can't. We need those around us who can rise up with us and give us a tap on the shoulder to help raise our vibration. Sometimes, it's through a conversation with a friend or working with someone like Jenny Harkleroad, who has a scientific approach to helping you step up your game and reprogramming your thoughts. Today, I had an amazing session with Jenny and removed the guilt I was feeling over balancing my personal time with my business time. Thank you, Jenny, for your time and for your knowledge. I dedicate my happiness to you.”


“I feel transformed in such a short time. Discovering that many of my body pains are really generated from past traumas was an eye opener and helped me to move past them. I am nearly pain free, have greatly improved my self-confidence and generally feel so much happier with my life and myself. I've meditated, made positive affirmations and even studied Reiki in the past and nothing transformed me as fast as working with Jenny and Janet to balance my conscious and sub-conscious minds. The scientific studies were what sold me to start working with Balanced You and I am so happy I did. I just could not spend another day living the life I was living. Thank you so much!”


“I'm excited to share that my relationships with my eldest son and husband have turned around for the better. I also have made strides with my organization and follow-through. The impact of those two things alone has brought more joy into my life! Thank you!”


“I have had issues with anxiety my entire life. From the time I started school, to my first job, it always reared its ugly head and always got in the way of being really successful. I managed to get through high school and college, majoring in education. After getting a master's degree, I got my first job as a fifth grade teacher and immediately started feeling irrationally terrified and panicked, which I could not control.  After 2-months of cognitive behavioral therapy and heavy anti-anxiety meds plus constant breaking down and crying at my new teaching job, I was given the choice by my administration to either resign or go on a professional growth plan. I chose to resign and decided I would rather be a teacher's aid for the remainder of my career. Fast forward 5 years to 2020 when the pandemic hit. I was working as a teacher's aid in a low incidence classroom, and the teacher I was working under decided to retire. I was encouraged by a friend to apply for the position, and after a little time, I was offered the position. At this time the same anxiety and panic started to take over me again. Thoughts like "I can't do this", "This is too much for me" and "I will just fail ALL OVER AGAIN!" I called my aunt, panicking for help, and she introduced me to Jenny and her ideas for mind reprogramming. The first time I worked with her she legitimately KNEW which statements I made that I ACTUALLY believed and which ones I didn't believe and needed to work on. IMPRESSIVE!! After this, she taught me how to open my subconscious and work on reprogramming my mind to start truly believing that I could, in fact, be successful, as a teacher. Now a school year later, I am going into my second year of teaching, having gotten through my first year successfully, without crippling anxiety and panic. Jenny first told me to create positive statements and then we would make action steps to maintain whatever that goal was (in my case: being more calm and confident as a professional). Jenny even sent me recorded videos so I was still able to practice using the recordings to maintain my goals. Honestly, this process works!!  I personally plan on continuing it for current goals and goals in the future not only professionally but in all aspects of my life. I also truly do believe it is so much more effective than meds or even therapy ever were. If you have goals in mind, no matter what they are, but just can't seem to accomplish them, give Jenny a try, I really think that you will not regret it.”


"Since working with Balanced You™, my communication has improved 100% with my husband. Understanding the role the brain has over my body pain has reduced my knee pain by 80% and increased my activity. With my goal to increase my income, I have discovered a variety of new sources of income. I wanted to find my purpose for the next 5-10 years and with Balanced You™, I have and am working towards setting up and launching my business. Thank you for helping me create my ultimate success.”


“Before I started working with Balanced You™, I was feeling serious overwhelm, an inability to focus, and frequent tears and tightness in my throat. Now, the overwhelm is gone, my concentration has gone from a few minutes at a time to a couple of hours at a time, and I feel much more stable. I complete tasks. I feel hopeful, motivated and energized. And, my home life has improved, too. Thank you!”


“My Dear Jenny, since meeting you and implementing the tools, you’ve taught me to "change my mind" and therefore my life. I’ve had so much fun obtaining the life I’d never dreamed I could have, my imagination has exploded with the possibilities about becoming a whole new radiant person! With your help, I have restored confidence in myself and the endless possibilities in my life! Thank you for the tender care you give me."


“Balanced You™ has helped me recognize that life is worth fighting for when my depression distorts reality and tries to convince me otherwise. I can remind myself that I’m lucky to be able to feel such great sorrow, and also such great happiness. I can grab on to each moment of joy and live in those moments because I have seen the bright contrast from dark to light and back again. I am privileged to be able to recognize that the sound of laughter is a blessing and a song, and to realize that the bright hours spent with my family and friends are extraordinary treasures to be saved.”


"My experience with Jenny and Balanced you has been nothing short of exceptional. I have seen some big shifts within me that are now catapulting me in a direction that I honestly was afraid to go toward. Balanced You™ has given me the confidence and full understanding of my true authentic self, releasing some shackles of scarcity and fear that were holding me back. Most of them I didn't even realize!"


"I learned about this technique at a women's retreat and was intrigued by the science of how our bodies reflect our beliefs, it made sense to me, that said, I wasn't sure if it would truly work. I am delighted to share after 4 sessions, chronic discomfort I had in my neck and shoulders is gone. I just completed my sixth session and worked on both a relationship challenge as well as feeling stuck in my business. I have accomplished more the past three days then I have the past three weeks. Jenny and her associates are professional. I am extremely pleased with my investment."


“The evidence of this work it’s really stacking up!!  I can’t remember the last headache let alone migraine.  I’ve been eating wheat cautiously but with no recourse! I’m sleeping like a baby and overall feel settled and peaceful - not anxious and constantly reframing to how would I rather feel! Thank you for helping me get to this place!”


"I went to Balanced You™ in hopes of overcoming my foot pain. I was having to ice my foot a lot and it was really painful. The doctors said it was planters fasciitis. After one session with Balanced You™ the pain was gone! I decided to go back to Balanced You™ and work on my business goals like having more confidence and less fear as I build my business. I'm happy to share that I've been building my business without fear and easily keeping my focus on my dreams. I believe in the Balanced You™ process and am promoting it to my family and friends. Thanks!" 


"Balanced You™ is amazing! I've done EVERYTHING that I could get my hands on for the past 30 years and had reached a dead end. Jenny had the key and she helped me to unlock that step. Since then my life has done a 360. I'm no longer afraid of taking risks because of feelings of unworthiness and rejection. Thanks to Balanced You™ for helping me change, I am now able to move forward without fear and landed a great job! Thank you from the bottom of my subconscious mind."


"I used to hold on to so much stress. Stress at work with clients, stress at home with the family, and stress about being a good provider for my family. I can confidently say that the balancing techniques at Balanced You™ will absolutely make a positive difference in your life.

Answer two questions: Are you stressed today? Would you like it to be different tomorrow? If your answer to both of these questions is YES, then you really need to talk to one of the facilitators at Balanced You™. I am thankful to know Jenny and have experienced her company's results first-hand. Highly recommended A+."


“ Thank you to Balanced You™ for helping my son get over 20 years of stomach, back, and foot pain. Thank you for assisting my mom to get out of the hospital and start eating again and thank you for helping me get over my knee pain. Our family is so grateful for Balanced You™ and that we learned how the power of our minds can change our lives and our health.”


“Hi Jenny, I still have the elated feeling of insight that I left your office with. It’s like you put jumper cables on me and got me re-started!! And, amazingly, not only did the self-worth belief shift but also I have a clear insight as to when, how and where the faulty belief started, and what the influences were on my relationships. Thank you so much!!! I’m so proud of the work!! It’s truly unbelievable!!”


"I can’t say enough good about Jenny and Balanced You™. There are many things I'd like to change about myself. Jenny makes it so easy and I can feel that this is so much more than a “job” for her. She genuinely loves to help people feel better about themselves and the life they live. I’m so thankful for the healing she's helped me do and that I am able to live the life I’ve always dreamed of living. Thank you Jenny!" 


“Thank you Jenny for helping me work through issues I’ve carried since 5th grade. It’s so good to finally be able to let go of them in my 60’s. I feel so much lighter in spirit and happier. I will highly recommend you for helping people work through things that hold them back from a more fulfilled life.”


“Throughout life we grab hold of limiting beliefs that prevent us from living Extraordinary lives. I believe some of these thought patterns can be changed through book reading and listening to audio books. But the beliefs that have been lodged deep in the depths of our minds need an extra touch, a human touch. Jenny Harkleroad from Balanced You™ offers that personal touch, that extra nudge to break free from the beliefs that hold you back.”


“Jenny is amazing and has helped me change and heal physically, mentally and emotionally. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make some positive changes in their life.”


"Jenny - the pain in my body is 98% better since I saw you last. What you do for me and others is just amazing. I can't wait to come and do some more work with you. You are such a blessing to me. Thanks, Jeanette"


“After our appointment, I definitely felt different (altered) and if it is possible to feel my neurons rewiring, then that was the sensation I was having for a few hours after our balance session. The next day, after not much sleep, I had a morning class and later rehearsal, but instead of feeling drained or tired, I felt great. Still feeling calm even when a super annoying event happened during rehearsal. Overall, I sense more energy instead of feeling drained or weak. Yesterday, I received the notice for the end of my current work contract. I didn't experience any negative reaction to the news. Instead I know I need to address money issues and the big question of what work I should be doing with my life. Topics for our next meeting.” Thank you!"


"I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first. I don’t often believe things I haven’t disseminated 1,000 different ways, countered with a hundred different arguments. After working with Jenny for several months though, the results are undeniable. Through my experiences with Jenny and the balance process she uses, I was able to uncover subconscious beliefs that hold me back from feeling comfortable, loved and peaceful. With her help, I have released limiting beliefs, and have replaced them with more positive, life enhancing beliefs. When we work together, I feel an immediate, affirmative shift that lasts. I’ve noticed that in general I feel lighter, happier and freer than I have in many years. Jenny is honest, understanding, approachable, nonjudgmental, and kind -- qualities that help facilitate me tapping into answers that already exist within myself. I am still working with Jenny, and will continue to do so, as I feel the work is immensely beneficial to my personal well-being, my marriage, and my relationship with my daughter."


“Hello Jenny! Thanks again for some amazing sessions! I could never thank you enough. I am truly grateful for your work! It has been truly a blessing to work with you. You have significantly changed my life by making a tremendous difference in my outlook and perception of things. I truly believe your sessions are effective and life changing. My 9-year-old Daughter enjoyed the sessions with you too. Throughout the remainder of the day, she talked about the experience. In the evening, she stated she felt "happy". 🙂 Shortly after the session, she cried and shared many things with me. She also talked to me about my father and how/why she was sad about his death - our talk was amazing and insightful. Thank you for the avenue to that conversation! As for me, I feel significantly different about Christmas! I no longer have a deep disgust. I have actually admired Christmas decorations and then realized that I "liked" them; I was quite amazed! Before our session, I had an instant "bad" and uneasy feeling in my stomach and chest when I saw Christmas lights or anything Christmas themed...but not anymore!” Thanks again!”


“Well, I'm feeling so happy. I feel so much more lighthearted. I think I was always looking for the bad and what to fix and what I was lacking. Because now I'm seeing things in such a positive light. The biggest thing I've noticed is driving up to my house instead of feeling like there's so much to do in there I look at it and I think that's a happy place! I thank you so much for listening to me and giving me your time and skill. I'm so so grateful to you!!”


“I was having a hay fever type allergic reaction. Jenny said she could try to help me. My eyes were blood shot and I could not even open them they were burning so bad. My nasal cavity was also hurting. Jenny did a balance with me and 10 minutes later my eyes were open, the blood shot color turned to white and I felt no pain or burning or itching in my eyes or nose. Wow! Typically I'd have to sleep off this reaction and the next day my eyes would still be bothering me. Amazing!”


“After the balance session with Jenny, I am no longer feeling guilty if I take some time to read quietly or just take time for myself. That is big for me. I have never been willing to be nice to myself that way. I am also able to make decisions much more easily than I ever have before. My stuffy nose and sneezing are also much better! I had been taking anti-histamines for years but was able to stop taking them after we did a balance for my stuffy nose and sneezing. Thank you!”


“Since seeing you for a balance I'm having less stomach issues. Things also seem better with my x. I'm now able to see him in a loving way. Thank you!” -Erin


“I am so glad to be working with Balanced You. I am so much more alert to my negative self-talk and know immediately how to deal with them thanks to Jenny's balancing and training. I would recommend her programs to all people of all ages!”


“Jenny I want to thank you and congratulate you for developing this workshop and extend it to Latin America with the support of Chachis who saw the greatness and simplicity of your workshop. The feeling of happiness will continue. You have given me one of the best gifts, thanks.” -Navi


“I am enjoying more time taking my kids out for treats (which I was struggling with in the past before the balance session as I only wanted my kids to eat healthy 100% of the time and it was turning into a real struggle.) I took the girls to a salad restaurant and then for some gelato. We had so much relaxed time together and I just loved it! They were all smiles and looking forward to more special times together. Me too! I no longer dread that inner battle I had been having with myself. I am also taking a parenting course online and it is easier for me to be consistent when going through the material, to not guilt myself about not finishing when I set out to, but to just enjoy what I have learned so far. Thank you so much for helping me to balance myself and enjoy my life and my family more.”

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