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Jenny Harkleroad - Balanced You™ Owner, Founder & Mind Change Expert

Jenny Harkleroad is the founder of the Summit Transformation™ process of mind reprogramming. Jenny changed old patterns in herself that were hurting not only her relationships, but that were affecting her physically, emotionally and in her professional life. After her first experience with the power of the subconscious mind and overcoming chronic pain and addiction, Jenny noticed that the old patterns she’d been fighting for decades were already altered and her life had changed almost overnight for the better. After years of searching for answers and trying to make changes in her life, Jenny was thrilled with her results. Immediately, she wanted to share the blessing of this scientific mind reprogramming process with others to help them create more time, more money, more health and wellness, better relationships, more business success and a pain free happy life. Are you ready for change? You’ve got the power and we’d love to show you how to tap into it and transform your life.

Dream, Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values

Our values, dream, purpose, vision, and mission drive all of us at Balanced You™ to help you find and achieve your ultimate success.
All of these core values are what we use to best serve you. 


To raise the consciousness of humanity by awakening people to the science of their minds and therefore, changing their lives for the better.


1 million happy, healthy, successful women (and a few good men) who bless the world.


To coach and train client to their greatest success through certification courses, retreats, private balance sessions, and group balance sessions. 


To certify 10,000 teacher in Summit Transformation™ and to coach 1 million women (and a few good men) to their greatest success.


We are committed to helping women (and a few good men):

  1. Transform their health & wellness, relationships, and professional success.
  2. Understand their value, divine worth, purpose, and potential.
  3. Create the life they want from the inside out.
  4. End their physical and emotional suffering.
  5. Create happy, soulful relationships.
  6. Find daily peace, balance, joy, abundance, and fun.
  7. Love themselves and others unconditionally.
  8. Make more money than they thought was possible.

We guarantee our work!

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Credentialed Coaches:
This program can be used for continuing education for “Resource Development.” Just ask us for a certificate that you can submit to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) when you register for our training and we will give it to you upon completion.

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Do you know what programs are running your life?

If you listen to yourself speak you can hear your limiting beliefs all day long. “I never…, I can’t…I hate…I’m mad…How could they…I’m nervous/anxious” So many of these beliefs don’t serve you. Most of the time, they derail you.

Think about your life now. If you could wave a magic wand and change it, what would you change?

This system takes these desired changes and helps you to reprogram them into your system, in a quick, easy and painless way.

Pain Relief Facilitation

Pain is the worst! I’ve suffered with a lot of physical pain during my life. Endometriosis from 12 yrs old to 35 when I finally had a full hysterectomy. 2 years later I broke my back in a hiking accident and could not get the pain to stop. 2 years after that…

Transforming Relationships

I’ve had a pretty hard marriage. My Husband and I were committed but I always felt unhappy with our relationship but didn’t quite know why. I tried everything I could think of to enjoy our marriage but nothing helped. I thought

Professional Success

More money, more time, more freedom and ultimate professional success. Sounds good right? So how do we actually do that? We can read books and learn from others and try to reinvent the success wheel but what if all that has not worked, then what?…

Get Clarity

Subconscious beliefs are like a computer program in our mind that is running our lives. Wanting to change our lives does not change it. Speaking or even yelling at your computer, telling it you don’t like the program it’s running doesn’t change your computer either. It’s the same with your mind. You have to get into the program, and install new code. That is exactly what Summit Transformation™ does for you regarding your desired changes. It’s truly a simple, powerful and effective science based tool that in minutes builds new neural pathways in the brain and changes the printout of your life.

The Science of Our Process

A PhD. Studied Jenny’s transformation process and here is the science to back up her success…

What can we help you with?

With feedback from your system, we find out what’s getting in the way of what you want. Through whole brain integration, we help you reprogram your system to transform your subconscious programming and rewrite your life.

Pain Relief Facilitation

I used to think I could hide my physical pain from everyone. I'd spend $500 per month on herbal supplements for what I thought was a weak immune system and took 30 Ibuprofen per day or prescription pain killers until my liver gave out and the doctor told me I was in liver failure. How could that be, I told him and everyone else I was doing great. They say fake it till you make it right? I was one of the best fakers. Unfortunately faking for me didn't get me any close to making it. It just got me more disconnected with myself. I ended up having some major surgeries to fix my pain. Some of the surgeries worked and some didn't. When one pain would go away another would pop up. I was playing whack-a-mole with my pain. I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be while dealing with intense physical pain. This pain had a big effect on my entire family and every aspect of my life. I was told by the doctors that I had to learn to manage the pain. I was unwilling to accept that and searched until I found a cure. The cure was reprogramming my mind. I would love to share this blessing with you. Being pain free has changed everything about my life.

Transforming Relationships

What's worse, physical pain, money pain or relationship pain? That's a toss up! They all hurt so bad! For me, my relationship pain was actually causing my physical pain and I had no idea. I just thought I was the most unlucky person to have physical pain and relationship pain at the same time. The amazing thing was when I resolved the relationship pain with the power of my subconscious mind, the physical pain disappeared. What pain are you feeling from your relationship issues? Because it's subconscious you might not even know. I had heard about the mind body connection but I didn't understand that it could mean my emotions could actually hurt me physically. Wow! At Balanced You™ we can help you reprogram your mind and change your beliefs about yourself and your relationships so the relationships that are hard turn easy, wonderful, forgiving, peaceful and joyful. And the relationships you hope for come to be. Are you ready for more of that? We will help you reprogram your mind to support healthy and loving relationships! Life is truly blessed and beautiful when there is happiness and love inside of you and all around you. Lets get you to that place!

Professional Success

What's the secret sauce to professional success? You can know the why and the how of professional success and still feel like you don't have the time, money and freedom you want. So what's the secret. The secret is YOU! Unleashing the power of you. YOU have ultimate and unlimited potential. The ONLY thing holding you back is your own limiting beliefs that play in your subconscious mind and cause you to doubt yourself, your abilities to create and your potential. If you think you can, you can! The secret to that statement is that it should say, if you think you can in your subconscious mind you can. It really does not matter what you want or believe consciously. It matters what's in your programming that runs you 95-99% of your life. Change your programming and you can transform your own P & L statement with the power of your mind. Try harder and you pretty much stay where you are at. Which solution do you choose? I hope you will choose the road less traveled, to reprogram your mind, because that will make all the difference!

Schedule a 30-minute complementary consult today

What’s working for you? What’s not working for you? What do you want to be working in your life or business?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mind Reprogramming?

Mind Reprogramming is a method for reprogramming subconscious beliefs as well as transforming trauma and irritations, investigating and overcoming pain, improving relationships, accepting and moving past grief and loss, increasing spirituality, growing your personal power and self worth, increasing health and wellness, eliminating stress and anxiety and getting to know and understand yourself like you never have before. This method is phenomenal for business as well and helps you to create more money, more time and more freedom by reprogramming the subconscious mind which controls us around 95% of the time!

How Does it Work?

With a method of feedback from your system, we find out what’s getting in the way of what you want. Through whole brain integration, we use a balance processes to transform your subconscious beliefs. You select what you want different in your life and then you program that into your mind as your new automatic. For more details on the science of this process and how it works, please watch the video in Step 1 on the 'First Appointment Prep' section of this website.

Why Does it Work?

Your subconscious runs 95-99% of your life according to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton PhD. Most of the programming in your subconscious was downloaded by watching, listening, hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling etc when you were young. Whatever you conscious mind is not focused on is being run by these subconscious programs. Imagine your dismay when you try and try and try to change or accomplish a goal and it just seems that no matter how hard you try you can’t make it happen. It’s not that you are not capable. It’s just there is something getting in the way and you don’t know what. Or maybe you do know what but can’t seem to overcome it. We can help you find the lever to open the door to achieving your goals by helping you to reprogram those patterns in your mind.

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