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Jenny Harkleroad - Balanced You™ Owner, Founder & Mind Change Expert

Jenny Harkleroad is the founder of the Summit Transformation™ process of mind reprogramming. Jenny changed old patterns in herself that were hurting not only her relationships, but that were affecting her physically, emotionally and in her professional life. After her first experience with the power of the subconscious mind and overcoming chronic pain and addiction, Jenny noticed that the old patterns she’d been fighting for decades were already altered and her life had changed almost overnight for the better. After years of searching for answers and trying to make changes in her life, Jenny was thrilled with her results. Immediately, she wanted to share the blessing of this scientific mind reprogramming process with others to help them create more time, more money, more health and wellness, better relationships, more business success and a pain free happy life. Are you ready for change? You've got the power and we'd love to show you how to tap into it and transform your life.

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Do you know what programs are running your life?

If you listen to yourself speak you can hear your limiting beliefs all day long. “I never…, I can’t…I hate…I’m mad…How could they…I’m nervous/anxious” So many of these beliefs don’t serve you. Most of the time, they derail you.

Think about your life now. If you could wave a magic wand and change it, what would you change?

This system takes these desired changes and helps you to reprogram them into your system, in a quick, easy and painless way.
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Subconscious beliefs are like a computer program in our mind that is running our lives. Wanting to change our lives does not change it. Speaking or even yelling at your computer, telling it you don’t like the program it’s running doesn’t change your computer either. It's the same with your mind. You have to get into the program, and install new code. That is exactly what Summit Transformation™ does for you regarding your desired changes. It's truly a simple, powerful and effective science based tool that in minutes builds new neural pathways in the brain and changes the printout of your life.
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The Science of Our Process

A PhD. Studied Jenny’s transformation process and here is the science to back up her success…

The Science

What we can help you with

With feedback from your system, we find out what’s getting in the way of what you want. Through whole brain integration, we help you reprogram your system to transform your subconscious programming and rewrite your life.

Schedule a 30-minute complementary consult today

What’s working for you? What’s not working for you? What do you want to be working in your life or business?

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