Do you ever get a slight shiver up your spine when you hear those words, mom, mom, mommy, mom? If you do, it because you’re either in the thick of motherhood, or lived through it and remember a few extra stressful times.

Motherhood is joyful and wonderful and sometimes brutally HARD! I remember the rude awakening when I was first pregnant and got morning sickness and had somehow been completely oblivious to the potential condition. I remember calling my mom to let her know I had the flu and she told me it should go away in about 3 months or so. Wait what? And that was just the begging of the not so pleasant surprises I would come to discover over my 4 pregnancies, labors, deliveries and raising 4 kids.

Not only is motherhood physically and mentally challenging, then I learn my kids minds are like sponges and every look, breath, feeling, word, response I give is programming them from in-utero to about 8 years old. No pressure mom!

From sleep deprivation to lack of self-care, it’s a wonder we live through it and so do our kids. We come out with a few scrapes, bumps and bruises, but we do live to tell about it and then we look back at the adventure of it all.

My question for you today is…

How can you make motherhood more fun, joyful, happy, peaceful, loving, caring, and balanced when you are in the thick of it and when you think back on it?

If you know me, you already know the answer. You reprogram your mind! How you feel, think, act and react is all based on your perception. If you don’t like your perception, you can change it. How do you change it? The same way you change the programming running on your computer. You reprogram it. Science has found that you can do that same thing with your mind in a simple and powerful and effective process. Awesome!

So ask yourself, how would you rather feel about motherhood?

Here are a few ideas, beliefs you might wish were your reality:

  • I feel balanced in my life and always take great care of myself.
  • I get plenty of rest and always feel energized.
  • My kids are kind and helpful and loving.
  • When I think back over motherhood I feel happy and peaceful.
  • I LOVE being a mom.
  • I LOVE being with my husband.
  • My husband is the perfect father to our children.
  • I feel blessed and joyful every day of my life.

What beliefs would you like to have? How would you rather feel about motherhood? I invite you to grab a piece of paper and pen and jot down 5 to 10 beliefs for yourself.

Did you know that you can change how you feel by programming these thoughts in your mind to run automatically, as automatically as your eyes blink?

What would change in your life if you really believed those beliefs you wrote down? More joy and happiness for sure! Would that be good for you? Yes! Would that be good for your kids? Yes! Would that be good for your husband? Yes!

Then don’t delay, learn more about how you can transform your life with the power of your mind. Visit us online at and while you are there, schedule a free 30-minute consult. Let’s talk about creating your best life! It’s waiting for you. Do you want it?

To your happiest mama life-

Jenny & The Balanced You™ Team