Yes! It is the most wonderful time of the year and if you are not feeling that way, we want to help.

The craziest thing happened to me the other day…

Quick recap of our sale:

  1. LEAP Transformation Wellness Portal (it’s Jenny on demand) for one year, use promo code: December for 50% off
  2. Transformation Tuesdays (group weekly sessions) for one year plus the recording each week, use promo code: December for 50% off
  3. Private sessions and private follow-ups for 12 weeks, use promo code: December for 30% off (We’ve added a payment option to this offering since last week. Private sessions will be with awesome staff member Janet Wells)
  4. Combo-includes #1, #2, and #3! 1 year of total transformation, use promo code: December for 50% off
***Bonus! Purchase by Saturday, December 10th midnight pacific time, any of these 4 packages above, and get a free private balance session and free private follow-up session with Janet, a $297 value free!

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“I feel transformed in such a short time. Discovering that many of my body pains are really generated from past traumas was an eye-opener and helped me to move past them. I am nearly pain-free, have greatly improved my self-confidence, and generally feel so much happier with my life and myself. I’ve meditated, made positive affirmations, and even studied Reiki in the past and nothing transformed me as fast as working with Jenny and Janet to balance my conscious and subconscious minds. The scientific studies were what sold me to start working with Balanced You and I am so happy I did. I just could not spend another day living the life I was living. Thank you so much!” -Rebecca

To your very best life,

Jenny and the Balanced You team