Happy December!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And, we are feeling quite generous here at Balanced You™.

We are offering 30-50% off on some of our top-selling products and services this month!

It’s time to stock up and save on solving your problems, achieving your goals, and feeling better from the inside out!

Here is what we are offering:

Quick recap:
  1. LEAP Transformation Wellness Portal (it’s Jenny on demand) for one year, use promo code: December for 50% off
  2. Transformation Tuesdays for one year plus the recording each week, use promo code: December for 50% off
  3. Private sessions and private follow-ups for 12 weeks, use promo code: December for 30% off (private sessions will be with awesome staff member Janet Wells)
  4. Combo-includes #1, #2, and #3! 1 year of total transformation, use promo code: December for 50% off

What do you want different in your life?

Achieve it now!

To your very best life-

Jenny and the Balanced You team