Most of the pain we go through in life is self-inflicted. It’s not on purpose. We would not intentionally choose to hurt ourselves, hopefully.

But we do allow stinking thinking to turn our thoughts into our feelings and feelings into our reality without even realizing it.

Then we get stuck believing the story we are telling ourselves when all it is, is a story. A story of how our brain and our cells perceive what is happening based on our past experiences.

So, how do you turn it all around? You retrain your brain with us!

Here are your 4 amazing options for your transformation all on sale this month with a bonus this week!
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  3. Private sessions and private follow ups for 12 weeks, use promo code: December for 30% off (We’ve added a payment option to this offering since last week. Private sessions will be with awesome staff member Janet Wells)
  4. Combo-includes #1, #2, and #3! 1 year of total transformation, use promo code: December for 50% off
***Bonus! Purchase by Saturday, December 17th by midnight pacific time, any of these 4 packages above, and get a bonus free month in our weekly group sessions with Jenny, a $197 value!

Are you ready to get rid of your physical and emotional pain once and for all?

Are you ready to be happy and healthy and wealthy?

“Since working with Balanced You™, my communication has improved 100% with my husband. Understanding the role the brain has over my body pain has reduced my knee pain by 80% and increased my activity. With my goal to increase my income, I have discovered a variety of new sources of income. I wanted to find my purpose for the next 5-10 years and with Balanced You™ I have and am working towards setting up and launching my business. Thank you for helping me create my ultimate success.” -Marilyn

We can’t wait to help you create your best life!

Jenny and the Balanced You team