We love to work with clients on their self-esteem. When we tell clients they are already perfect, you would not believe all the push back we get. It reminds us of this quote, “Born perfect, programmed to fail.” ~ Unknown. The minute we are born and really even in utero, we start picking up limiting beliefs by what we see, feel and hear around us.  By the time we are grown we are slathered with limiting beliefs and most have about 70% negative self-talk due to these beliefs. No wonder life feels hard. Let’s change this!

I was having lunch with one of my mentors the other day, Dr. Warren Jacobs and I asked him if I was crazy thinking everyone is already perfect? He said “no, they are perfect.” Boy was I relieved to hear that. I was starting to think I was losing it with all the flack I was getting about this comment. Dr. Jacobs said that he believes the reason we don’t allow ourselves to believe we are perfect is that if we felt perfect, that opens the door to endless possibilities. What would we do with that knowing? Would we use it for good or for evil? He said maybe we think it’s too dangerous to live this way. Most of us grew up being told what to do and when to do it and how to do it. We went to school heard the same thing. Then we went to work and heard it again. We hear we should think outside the box but it’s hard because we’ve been “boxed in” our whole lives. Then when someone says we are perfect it’s like removing that box. We feel naked and uncomfortable and make up reasons why we need to get back in that box.

I want you to know that being out of that box is freedom! I triple dog dare you to let go of your limiting beliefs. Realize how great you are and that you have endless potential and worth. Create the life of your dreams today by accepting this fact, owning it and living it. The only person that is holding you back is you. Let go!