Letting go is not an easy thing to do. Or is it? Why do we hold onto things we don’t need? Things that don’t serve us. Maybe these things are serving us in some way which is why we don’t want to let go. Maybe it’s serving us by helping us believe our own limiting beliefs about ourselves. Why do we need or want all that? Maybe we don’t want that. But how do we break free from it?

The easiest way to let go is to reprogram the subconscious mind. The subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind and has been programed since our youth with limiting beliefs. Our mind works day and night to run our programs. But what if our programs are not serving us? We can fight it like a swimmer in a tidal wave, pointless! Or we can change the program, body surfing a gentle wave. Powerful! Put the subconscious mind to work for you! The subconscious controls your actions, reaction, feelings, thoughts. Want to change all of that? You can!

The first step is wiliness. Will you let go of what ails you? If the answer is yes, let’s get started! Ask yourself, what do you want instead? How do you want your life to be? Write a statement that is simple, powerful, first person, present tense, short and emotionally meaningful. Something like I am so happy! Then ask yourself, what would look different in your life if you were so happy? Remember look different, not feel different. Would you be smiling more, laughing more, spending more time with family and friends doing your favorite activities etc. When you are so happy, what positive things will others say to you? What positive things will you say to yourself? How will being happy feel? Close your eyes and feel the feelings happiness will bring. This little exercise will help you on the road to accomplishing your goals and dream. I hope you will take 10 minutes for yourself and do this little exercise. You have the power to create the life of your dreams.