After working with hundreds of clients, we at Balanced You™ have found that a few balance sessions are wonderful and helpful but to change a life completely, it takes a bit more than 2 hours of work. We now have customized packages to really help you transform your life. These packages are 90 days to 12-month options. These processes help you to have more: time, money, freedom, health, love, happiness, peace, comfort, joy, ease, health, wellness and pleasure.

We have packages for relationship transformations. Want to get back to the honeymoon effect? Remember the time when you could not wait to be with the other person? Get that feeling back! You created that state and you can recreate it! We will show you how.

We have packages for business success. What gets in the way of business success? Limiting beliefs like fear, lack of self-esteem and not using your own personal power. By reprogramming the mind, you can much more easily achieve the success of your dreams! Enough getting in your own way, let’s get past that! There is no reason you should not have what you want. Let’s help you get it!

We have packages for ultimate health and wellness. Some of us think our aches and pain and conditions and did-ease can’t be fixed, that we must live with them. With the power of the mind and epigenetics you can change your chemistry which will change your biology. No more victims around here! You’ve got the power to change anything you like! We’ll help you do it.

Here’s what some clients have to say about their transformations. Are you ready for your transformation?