My friends Dave and Marhnelle Hibbard in their book SOAR Selling explain that there are things we know we know and things we know we don’t know and also things we don’t even know we don’t know. Let’s talk about those second two points. They mention things like planes can fly and surgeons can transplant organs. Most of us don’t know the mechanics of the process unless that is our profession. We just know it’s possible because we see it with our own eyes or hear about it being done. So what about the things you don’t even know you don’t know? They say these things might be in our blind spot. We don’t even know they exist.

Welcome muscle testing and remote muscle testing. I grew up with a chiropractor father who used in person and remote muscle testing all the time. Because of that, it seemed completely normal and ordinary to me for someone to ask my dad to help them with their health and he’d either reach for their arm to do a manual muscle test or he’d tap into their systems wisdom by proxy or remote muscle test to get answers so he could help them transform their condition.

I remember the day my then boyfriend now husband came over to our house. I had a bit of a stomachache and walked over to my dad, holding out my arm so he could muscles test and see what herb I needed to settle my stomach. My boyfriend completely thought we were playing a practical joke on him. He’d never seen or heard of muscle testing and thought it was a prank. No prank at all, I took the herb and my tummy felt better and my boyfriend started to wonder and maybe even believe a tiny bit that what he just witnessed was real.

So for the sake of the length of this email, I will assume you have experienced a live muscle test and know from experience that you system through a muscle test can tell you when something is true or when something is not true to you. You can feel the answer in your body with a true or false response of your muscle test. But how does it work on zoom when we can’t press on your arm?

It works much like a cell phone call. If I want to call you, I dial your number. My phone sends a signal and your phone receives the signal and we can communicate. Making a cell phone call, even across the country, is probably something you believe works because you’ve done it. You may not really understand the engineer and science of how this modern technology works but you know it does. I’m sure you’d agree with me that your body is much more complex than a cell phone. Doctors and scientists will be the first to tell you that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of our own understanding on the human body. One thing we do know however is that we are electromagnetic beings. Inside our atoms is energy. Our experience in this “material” world that feels so “real” is because our energy is interacting with the energy around us as explained in this Forbes article, The Human Body Creates Electromagnetic Fields.

How far and in real time can a phone call go? Anywhere around the world right? As long as we have each other’s numbers, and we both pick up, we can communicate.

The process is similar with our energy signals yet no technology is needed to get the signal. Our magnificent bodies are the technology. If I can connect to your energy signal or energy phone number let’s call it, I can get the info I need to help you heal, create success, and be happy etc. How do I get your signal? First with your permission and second with practice. Anyone can do this, it’s a learned skill but like any skill, it takes time to learn and master.

We are not taught to pick up people’s energy signals. Now we may talk about good vibes and bad vibes or we may hear of empaths struggling with all the emotions and energies they are picking up from others, but the majority of people walk through the world blind to this invisible energy field. But with practice we can not only pick up this signal but tap into answers that we block from our own consciousness.

This learning reminds me of when I first learned to play the flute, it would take me about 1 minute to get my hands and my lips set up correctly to play one note. And then if I wanted to play a second note, I’d have to spend another minute trying to get my fingers to the next position. But with years of practice, I now play with ease.

So it is with doing proxy or remote muscle testing. Practice by the facilitator makes reading your energy signal a breeze. Thanks to quantum physics, someday we really will be able to explain exactly how we can tap into each other’s energy signals but for now we are satisfied that it works and creates tremendous results.

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To your ultimate happiness and success-

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team