It was Thursday night 8/6/20. My daughter and I had just come back from walking our little indoor dog, Sammie. I went to the pull up bar between the kitchen and laundry room and was doing a flexed arm hang from the bar counting to see if I could hold an additional 20 seconds after my body was trembling. I had my legs pulled up in front of me to get an additional ab workout during this flexed arm hang. I noticed that my hands were starting to turn but I didn’t understand why as I was not moving them. The next thing I remember was the back of my head bouncing off the tile floor underneath me and everything was blurry and the room was spinning like I was on the Tea Cups ride at Disneyland with a really strong guy, like my sweet hubby, spinning the Tea Cup wheel so fast that I could not even hold my own head up due to the G-force.

I yelled for my daughter to get my husband. He came but I could not move as the room was spinning at lighting speed. As you may have guessed, the pull-up bar unattached from the door frame and due to my body position when I fell, I didn’t have time to get my feet under me.

While laying on the floor under what used to be a pull up bar, my family managed to get an ice pack under my head and some Ibuprofen in my mouth. My husband, who is an elder in our church, gave me a blessing. Then, I immediately started doing my work on myself. I started imagining the situation happening totally differently.

I imagined I was hanging from the pull-up bar and when my hands started to turn I realized that the bar was falling out of its setting and I quickly put my feet down and landed easily on the floor just 12 inches under my feet. Then I headed upstairs like I was planning to do and went on with my evening. I imagined that over and over again for about 30-minutes while laying on the floor until the spinning room subsided and my son and hubby carried me to the recliner. Funny enough, my daughter and I decided to watch the movie Concussion while I tried to get my wits about me. LOL.

Friday morning I called my chiropractor dad from bed. I told him what happened and asked what I should do. I told him I was really dizzy and could not turn my neck. He recommended a regimen of ice and heat and rest to which I happily obliged.

Saturday morning my dad called to check on me and I told him I was about 30% better. I could walk slowly, my head was throbbing a bit less and I was a little less dizzy and I was getting my appetite back. I could slowly turn my head a bit and I could tell things were getting better.

After that call, something powerful happened. I asked myself a question. Why did you give yourself a concussion?

My immediate thought was, I didn’t give myself a concussion, I had an accident. The pull-up bar pulled out of the wall and I fell. But then I asked myself the question again. Why did I give myself a concussion? I slowly shuffled while holding the walls so I didn’t fall down in my dizzy state over to my home office to grab my book Messages From the Body and their Psychological Meanings by Michael J. Lincoln, PhD. I looked up concussion. In my own words it said: Lights out for you! You need a break and you won’t give yourself one so your subconscious mind and the universe conspired against you to give you what you need. A BREAK!

I’m sure my jaw dropped in amazement. I thought back to the past almost 5-months of me working non-stop. Why, because we are stuck in lock-down due to the pandemic of COVID-19, so why not. I was taking some time for my family, I took Sundays for God and serving others, I was barely taking time for friends but I was really not taking any time for myself. I know I like to work and succeed and accomplish and I put all my focus there. I kept telling myself I’d get a break the week of 8/3/20 as I had planned a trip to Hawaii with one of my daughters but two weeks before the trip, Hawaii extended their pandemic lockdown and our trip got cancelled. Instead of planning something else or taking a break I just filled in the week with work again.

This was an ah-ha moment for me. I needed a break. And, guess what happened? My condition improved about 50% when I had that ah-ha moment and decided I was going to do something about it. My head stopped throbbing, my neck loosened up, and my energy returned almost in a split second.

Now, I needed to DO something with this new ah-ha moment. What was I going to do differently? I was going to take breaks during my workday. I was going to work less hours. I was going to ask myself what would be fun that day and do it. I was going to leave my house more often, even just for a quick errand. I was going to spend more time with friends.

I was blown away at how an ah-ha moment could improve my condition so dramatically and so fast. According to google, with a concussion, the major symptoms should subside in 7-10 days and in 3-12 month I should be recovered fully.

I took the healing short cut with the prayer, the balance to change my memory and the ah-ha of why I gave myself a concussion and what I was going to do about it.

Why do I have to get such intense wake up calls like breaking my back in 2013? It’s because I ignore the warning signs until I’m knocked out cold.

Let me and my team of facilitators help you create an easy transition into your own best life. Learn from me and listen to the smaller warnings and do something about them. Figure out why you are causing the issues you are having in your life and change the creation.

I understand that it’s easier and even more acceptable to say it was an accident, but many accidents lead to long term suffering. Instead, take responsibility, get the message and move on to a better creation.

My team and I would love to help you figure out what lessons and messages you are missing in your life with our process of muscles testing to get messages from the subconscious mind.

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To your very best life-

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team