Are you ready to change your thinking? Are you ready to change your way of being? Are you ready to change how you feel?

“When you think a thought (or have a memory), a biochemical reaction begins in your brain causing the brain to release certain chemical signals. This is how immaterial thoughts literally become matter—they become chemical messengers. These chemical signals make your body feel exactly the way you were just thinking. Once you notice you are feeling a particular way, then you generate more thoughts equal to how you’re feeling, releasing more chemicals from your brain to make you feel the way you’ve been thinking. For example, if you have a fearful thought, you start to feel fear. The moment you feel fear, that emotion influences you to think more fearful thoughts, and those thoughts trigger the release of more chemicals in the brain and body that make you continue to feel more fear. The next thing you know, you get caught in a loop where your thinking creates feeling, and your feeling creates thinking.”                                                                                   – Dr. Joe Dispenza

For me, there were so many things I struggled with in my life. I was always seeking solutions. I would find answers but then I’d notice that even though I thought I had the answer, I was still acting and feeling the same way. My knowing didn’t create a change. I reverted to faking it till I made it but the trouble was, I never made it. I was not changing my thinking or my being, I was suppressing, avoiding and faking.

How do you change your thoughts without, suppressing, avoiding, or faking how you really feel?

You have to change your thoughts at a much deeper level. You have to change from a subconscious level for true transformation. When you change your subconscious thoughts, the thoughts running below consciousness, you automatically feel different because you are different.

Science has proven that we can change our very nature, our biology, and our chemistry and the smile on our faces by changing our brain, which changes our cellular perception according to scientist like Bruce Lipton. When our perception changes the printout of our lives is transformed.

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Are you ready for real change?

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