A client of mine insisted I get the book Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani. Wowzers! What a powerful story. I won’t tell you too much of the story because I’m hoping you get the book too but I will share a few things. Anita had a pretty hard life but she was mostly hard on herself because of how she perceived herself and the world around her. She was a worrier and an anxious type of person with lots of reasons to be that way based on her upbringing. Anita later got cancer and was dying. In the hospital in a coma, she had a near death experience that changed everything. What changed the most was Anita’s perception of herself, of the world, of her experiences and of others. Her perception changed so much that she was healed. She realized that for her, the cancer was just her fear and non-acceptance coming to life. Her near death experience got rid of her fear. She explains her life before was like wandering in a huge dark warehouse with only a flash light and then one day someone turned on the light and it all made sense. A whole new perspective. Anita promotes the unconditional love she felt during this near death experience and how everything made sense when she “saw” or really “felt” the big picture. She shares how divine we are and if we would focus on that and truly understand that, our lives will be so much happier and healthier.

I thought about my own injury, breaking my back in 2013, and how it was truly getting to know and understand myself and my purpose that healed me. ALL the other methods of Eastern and Western healing I tried for years to get rid of my pain had zero effect. Then one day, I met Dr. Warren Jacobs. An MD turned kinesologiest. He says, “In my work, in my experience-the greatest block to health-I find is lack of self acceptance.” Dr. Jacobs helped me get to know and accept myself in order to heal myself. What an amazing miracle for me! After reading Anita’s book and thinking about my own story, I thought that my experience was not to different from Anita’s. She was Dying to be Me and I was Breaking to be Me.

Another huge fan of this school of thought is Louise Hay. She also healed herself of cancer and other ailments by changing her perception. Our perception is based on the programming of our subconscious minds which happened to us while growing up and was complete by around age 7 year old. Most of us update our technology frequently but do we update our subconscious programming so that it serves us? My wish for you is that you will not have to die or break, but can learn from the lessons we learned, to love and accept yourself and change any programming that doesn’t serve you so you can live a happy, healthy, joyful, Balanced life.