I was introduced to a YouTube video that shows a bicycle that was made by some welders. The welders gave the bicycle to an engineer. The welders told the engineer that the steering on the bicycle was backwards. When you turn the handlebar to the right the wheel would go to the left and when you turn the handlebar to the left the wheel would go to the right.

As the engineer tried to ride the bicycle, he could NOT do it. When he got on the bike, his brain would run the “how to ride a bike” program which didn’t work for this backwards bike. No matter how hard he tried, he could not even get 5-feet on this bicycle. He decided to take this bike around the world and see if anyone could ride it.

He offered people $200 to get 10-feet on the bike. Nobody could do it. Knowledge does not equal understanding. The adjustments of the conscious mind could not make up for the power and automation of the programming of the subconscious mind.

How do you reprogram the subconscious mind? The way most people know how to reprogram their mind is through muscle memory. Practice. Repetition. This engineer practiced for 8-months until with deep concentration he could ride the backwards bicycle.

The engineer had his young son practice riding the backwards bicycle. It took his son 2 weeks to pick it up. Remember it took good ole dad 8-months to do the same. Kids brains are way more adaptable and programmable!

Check out the video below to see what funny thing happened when the engineer tried to ride a normal bike again after unlearning how to do it. Click here to view the video.

Our brains are amazing. Thankfully, science has discovered a form of super learning. A way to re-pattern the brain in minutes instead of months of repetition. That super learning is our specialty at Balanced You™™. 

While it may be fun to ride a backwards bicycle, what’s even more fun is to live a life of joy, peace, ease, comfort, health, wealth, strength, motivation, happiness and more. If you are not feeling all these things, there is a program in your mind that you can change to feel this way. You can get there trying harder and harder and harder each day to overcome your programming, or you can get with us at Balanced You™™ to program your mind using a form of super learning.

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