I was hiking up a hill one day when my knee started hurting. I immediately started wondering, “what’s wrong with my knee.” But then I laughed at myself because I knew better. You see, I’ve learned that the body talks to us in the form of pain to get our attention and to let us know there is something we need to investigate. The confusing part is, most often it’s not the body we need to look into.

When the body hurts, we need to look into the mind.

Think of your alarm clock. When it rings, do you need to investigate the clock? No, it’s to alert you to something else. Your body is the same way. This is an extremely hard concept for most people to grasp as it’s the opposite of what we’ve all been taught.

In 2013, I broke my back in a hiking accident. For almost 3-years I tried every method under the sun to get better. All forms of eastern and western medicine, prayers and even rain dances. Okay, maybe not rain dances but I would have if I’d have known how.

Later, I met a medical doctor who became an integrative medicine applied kinesiologist. He introduced me to the power of my mind, and 6-hours later I was healed.


Not only could I sit and move, but I could do handstands on the beach which I did with my best friend in the pic below.

I learned that it was not my back that was the problem. Sure, I had broken it, but it had healed many years earlier. The intense pain I was still feeling was now my mind. Once we fixed that up, the pain vanished. Turned off like a light switch!

I’m no doctor, but I have studied the mind and have helped many clients overcome their pain by finding out what that pain signal really is, something going on in the mind, and reprogramming it.

Dr. John Sarno was a famous doctor on the mind body connection. He would say that pain is not produced in the body at all, but in the mind.

When you change the mind, you can eliminate the pain.

Are you ready to be pain free? I believe you can get there with the power of your mind and I’d love to show you how. Let’s start with a free 30-minute consult. Click here to get started and learn more!

To your optimal health and wellness-

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team