Have you ever heard the question, what one thing do you know for sure? It’s a cool question and get’s you thinking. BUT, is the one thing you know for sure really true? I mean, would it hold up in court?

I think a better question is, what one thing do you know for sure based on your perception? We view life through lenses, filters, based on our subconscious programming. To me the best color in the whole wide world is RED but that is just my perception of the best color. If you took a group of friends to see a play, you’d probably all have your own perception about what the best part is.

The decisions we make are based on our perception. Would you say yes instead of no or no instead of yes about decisions you are making in your life if you had a different perception? It’s a fascinating question to ponder.

Check out my Tuesday Take Away video on a funny story that happened to me about perception. 

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