After hurricane Katrina, my husband and I raised money to go down to Louisiana to help rebuild a home that had been destroyed when the levees broke and water flooded the 9th Ward and surrounding areas.

Upon arrival we found the couple we planned to help was living in a FEEMA trailer in their front yard. They didn’t have insurance or funds to rebuild their home. Thankfully were able to help them with funds and manpower to bring their house back to life. But every day when I walked out of their house after a long day of physical labor laying flooring, painting, etc, I had to ask myself a question… Why are we rebuilding this home?

I knew the obvious reasons. The home owners didn’t want to live in a trailer for the rest of their lives in their front yard. But, the elephant in the room, so to speak, was that they lived below the levy which was literally at the end of their street. Ships were passing their house at a much higher level then their home was at. Wasn’t this house, along with the neighborhood “the 9th ward” doomed to be underwater over and over and over again? Not even a levy can hold back the ocean during a storm, as was clearly discovered during hurricane Katrina.

So what does this have to do with you and your dreams and goals? 

The ocean is like your subconscious mind and the levy is your conscious mind trying to hold the ocean from flowing in the city which is built lower than the ocean. As long as the seas are calm, as long as you are mindful, you can make you life happen the way you want it to happen.

But the moment the seas get rough, the minute you lose your focus, things don’t go the way you hoped.

When that happens, people usually get upset and frustrated with others, and with themselves. “Why did I do it again,” “how could this happen to me,” “seems like I can never change”, are things they might be telling themselves.

It’s time we build on higher ground. The higher ground is the subconscious mind.That mind has 1 million times more processing power than your conscious mind. Why would you put your focus anywhere else beside that power house of a mind? Because you don’t know any different. But now you do.

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