For most of my life, I’ve heard that I only use 10% of my brain. Like many things we hear, I am thankful that one is not true!

Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton explains that just because we only have 10% neurons in our brain does not mean we only use 10% of our brain. That is great news! But he does share that we do get stuck on patterns and habits, old ways of thinking that are repetitive that keep us from using new parts of our brain where we could think different thoughts and create new realities.

In processes like ours at Balanced You™, we help you get into what we call a whole brain state. In this state, you use both hemispheres of your brain. This creates a process of super learning where you can function in both a logical and emotional way as well as build new neural pathways of thought and habit and patterns to create a new perception and a new reality for you. This whole brain state can also create health, happiness and peace.

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Here’s to your health and happiness!

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team