Why do we eat? Because we are hungry AND for pleasure, for stress, for celebration, for boredom, to feel better, for worry and fear and the list of reasons we eat goes on and on.

Yet we all know, if we eat less and exercise more we will look and feel amazing.

Sounds pretty simple right?

But, if you’ve ever battled with your weight, you know it’s anything but simple.

I struggled with ~20-30 extra pounds for most of my life starting at about 14-years old. I’d lose it and gain it and lose it and gain it again.

In my 30’s I became obsessed with trying to keep this weight off.

I tried so many diets!

I exercised like a crazy person! 5-miles at full speed up the stair-climber was my warm-up.

I counted every calorie I put in my mouth.

I still didn’t like how I looked.

And then, in 2013 I broke my back in a hiking accident. OUCH!

I was bed ridden for a while.

What did I think? Not, “I’m lucky to be alive and so glad I’m not paralyzed permanently.”

I thought, “great, now I can’t move so I can probably only eat ~800 calories per day.”

I decided to study diets and food because I was so confused about what was actually healthy. One diet said eat more protein, another said eat more carbs, another said eat more fat, another said fast more.

I read so many books about food and diet and decided I was a big fan of whole food plant-based eating and started eating that way in 2015 and have stuck with it.

I even wrote a book about it called, 101 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Fed My Children that you can find on Amazon.

Then I realized something interesting…

I was an emotional eater. I never noticed this before. I thought I was just hungry as I was always trying to cut calories. I was like a drill sergeant with myself not allowing myself to eat after my calorie count for the day was used up but not always succeeding of course.

Now that I could eat more quantity, as I was eating lower calorie plant-based food, I’d overeat things like fruit and veggies. I’d eat ’till I was stuffed and miserable.

I wanted to stop over eating. But how?

I had discovered a process to reprogram my mind and used it to heal myself from my broken back and chronic physical pain. I also used this incredible process to reprogram my mind to overcome my pain pill addiction. I also used this mind reprogramming process to fix my marriage.

I decided to reprogram myself so I’d stop overeating. And guess what. It worked!

I also programmed myself to keep making healthy food choices and I do.

I programmed myself to be at my perfect weight and I am.

I programmed myself to love to exercise and I do it every day!

The power of my subconscious mind was my secret weapon in my weight loss struggles.

What’s getting in the way of your diet and weight loss success?

It’s YOU. Your thinking, your programming, your habits, what you learned when you were a kid, the traumas and dramas you’ve been though, the emotions you are blocking from yourself.

Would you like to make diet and exercise something easy instead of a battle?

You can transform your health and wellness with the power of you mind.

When you TRY, it means it’s not natural for you, it’s not your programming. You are making yourself do something that is not natural for you. But when you stop making yourself, it stops happening.

Is there an easier way than forcing yourself to eat right and exercise and beating yourself up when you get off track?


The secret is tapping into the power of your mind and reprogramming it just like you can reprogram a computer.

That way, your subconscious mind supports your weight loss and exercise goals and helps you get to your goals instead of getting in your way.

Then, just like your heart beating and your eyes blinking, your new goal is automatic and the battle is over.

Exercise and weight loss success is your new automatic.

Stop TRYING and start BEING healthy.

Get stared with your health and wellness success today by scheduling and free 30-minute consult with a Balanced You™ facilitator HERE.

To your ultimate health and wellness,

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team