We could all use some good news, right?!?

We’ve sure been through our fair share of struggle this year.

I you are still feeling some heaviness, discomfort, worry, fear, or anxiety I hope you will ask yourself a very important question.

The question is…how would you rather feel?

Write the answer like it already exists. It might sound something like…

I feel happy, balanced, safe, healthy, calm, and excited for my future.

Now what can you do to create that in your life?

Make an action plan and time block for that action to happen.

What we focus on expands.

If you imagine sucking on lemons, you pucker-up.

If you imagine floating in a warm bath, you relax.

Your mind is more powerful than you realize.

Put it to work for you.

Create your very best life even in 2020!

To support you in this creation, I’ve got some great freebie for you…

Grab them here, www.BalancedYou.org/free.

To your happy, healthy, and wealthy life-

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team