Are you living in FEAR or FAITH?

We live in trying times. Just turn on the new and you can feel your blood pressure rise. So what’s the solution to the craze? How can you be in the know but not in fear? First, it’s important to put things in perspective. Our current epidemic is a virus, it’s not a nuclear attack. More people die from all else besides this virus. I heard a lady at a conference last week say that 300,000 people per year die from obesity so we should have this type of world shut-down revolt when Doritos comes out with a new flavor! While the comment was probably in jest, it’s true. We need to keep this virus in perspective.

When we live in fear, we literally shut down our immune system.

Jenny explains how here:

What else besides this virus do we need to keep in perspective? Really, anything that trips our trigger and sends us into fight or flight mode shutting down our immune system. How do we stop being triggered by news, bad drivers, kids who won’t clean their rooms, co-workers, the balance in our bank account, and our very own family?

The secret lies in the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious reacts so fast that you don’t have time to conscious decide how to respond. Your subconscious processes about 40 million bits of information per second according to PhD cellular biologist Bruce Lipton in is book, The Biology of Belief.  You immediately feel and respond a certain way when life happens to you. If you don’t like that immediate response that is coming up for you, you can change it. You can literally reprogram your brain like you can reprogram a computer, changing your cellular perception. When the perception of your cells changes to your desired response, your automatic is what you want instead of what you don’t want. You are no longer fighting your feelings, you are empowered because you are the you, you want to be.

This sound really complicated like we need computers and electrodes and machines hooked to your head but no, this is a simple, powerful and effective process that we can help you do remotely. Most of our clients work with us online over zoom in group or private sessions. We walk you through our brain change process and you are immediately different. Then we check back with you in a week to see what you’ve noticed. It’s our favorite call each week to hear all the amazing results of our clients.

Are you looking to turn your fears to faith?

This too can be programmed. When you try harder, you are using your conscious mind, not changing yourself but changing your focus to make different conscious choices. This works great temporarily until you lose that focus and go right back to your old programming. Are you ready for easy change? That might sound too good to be true but our clients don’t think so. Check out some testimonials here,

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To your faithful, happy, healthy and wealthy life,

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team