Getting Ready for Your First Appointment

1st Mind Reprogramming
Appointment Prep

2 important steps to get the most out of your Mind Reprogramming facilitation session

Step 1 - It's Movie Night!

Get out your calendar and schedule two+ hours when you can watch this amazing video by PHD cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, that explains the science of you and how our process can help you transform yourself from the inside out. The amazing news Bruce shares is that science has proven that we can now change our programming and change the printout of our lives. Don’t take my word for it, I’m no scientist, doctor, or psychologist, but I have discovered the ancient wisdom which is now proven by science on how to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Remember, this process is about what you want different in your life. We help you to reprogram your mind for ultimate success. As Bruce shares in the video, about 95% of your life is controlled by your subconscious programming. It’s hard to believe, you feel like you are in control, but you are only in control when you are focused on something. If you are not paying close attention, your subconscious is controlling how you are thinking, acting, react and manifest everything in your life.

Think about driving across town, have you ever gotten somewhere and realized you were not thinking about driving at all? You’re not even sure how you got to your destination as you were deep in thought about something else while your subconscious drove you across town on autopilot. All of us do that constantly in our lives, just running on our programming and not even realizing it. What programs do you have that might not be serving you? How do you even know what programs you have? Just look at your life. Your health, wealth, relationships, happiness, fitness, spirituality and more is all a program you are running. Don’t like the program? YOU can change it and we will help you to do it. We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to assist you in your transformation!

Step 2 - Stating you Goal

What's your goal?

Even though your session package will already be tailored to your needs, come to your balance session with clear goals in mind. Use this kick starter worksheet before each session to help you clarify your goals. You can fill out this worksheet with 10 different goals or you can break down one large or a few medium sized goals down. The more clarity the better!

Please review, sign and upload a copy of the Balanced You™ Policies and Procedures that is also included in your goal setting worksheet.

Send your completed worksheet and signed Policies and Procedures to your Balanced You™ facilitator 24 hours before your appointment.  

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