Getting Ready for Your First Appointment

1st Mind Reprogramming
Appointment Prep

3 important steps to get the most out of your Mind Reprogramming facilitation session

Step 1 - It's Movie Night!

Get out your calendar and schedule two hours when you can watch these two great videos that are one hour each.

One video is by Rob Williams, M.A. who is the founder of this system called PSYCH-K® and the other video is by PhD Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton.

These two videos will explain the why and how of this process in much greater depth.

When you have your first Balance session with two hours of understanding under your belt, we can get right to work!

Remember-this process is about what you want different in your life. We help you to reprogram your mind for ultimate success. Most of you don't realize how much the subconscious controls. Many think life is happening to you but you are creating it from the inside out. If you want to change your life, you have to change the programs in your mind. These videos will explain how that works.

Watch this one first, it is the why.
Biology of Perception by Bruce Lipton, PhD.

Watch this one next, it is the how.
The Psychology of Change Rob Williams M.A.

Step 2 - Stating you Goal

What's your goal?

If you have not already, schedule a complementary Balanced Intro call with us so we can find out if this process is a good fit for you. You can schedule that on the appointment button or call info on step 3 below. We will offer packages and processes that will best suit your specific needs.

Even though your session package will already be tailored to your needs, come to your balance session with clear goals in mind. Use this kick starter worksheet before each session to help you clarify your goals. You can fill out this worksheet with 10 different goals or you can break down one large or a few medium sized goals down. The more clarity the better! Send your completed worksheet to your Balanced You™ facilitator 48 hours before your appointment.  

Download the Worksheet

Step 3 - Please Review AND SIGN electronically, the Balanced You™ Policies & Procedures

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