Getting Ready for Your First Appointment

1st Mind Reprogramming
Appointment Prep

2 important steps to get the most out of your Mind Reprogramming facilitation session

Step 1 - Stating your Goals

What are your goals?

Come to your balance session with clear goals in mind. Use this kick starter worksheet before each session to help you clarify your goals. You can fill out this worksheet with 10 different goals or you can break down one large or a few medium sized goals down. The more clarity the better!

Please review, sign and upload a copy of the Balanced You™ Policies and Procedures that is also included in your goal setting worksheet.

Send your completed worksheet and signed Policies and Procedures to us 24-hours before your appointment through our client portal, https://go.thryv.com/site/balancedyou

Download the Worksheet

Step 2 - Learn More!

Read our 'About Mind Reprogramming' page to familiarize yourself with our techniques and the capabilities of your mind. Be sure to watch Bruce Lipton's video at the bottom of that page to learn even more!

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