After watching the YouTube video The Psychology Of Change By Rob Williams, M.A., I thought the belief statements I saw in the PSYCH-K® demo video were the secret to the process. I thought if I could just get “the list” of belief statements, I could figure out the rest of the process on my own. For some reason, the change process appeared so easy that I really thought there could not be much to it. Boy was I wrong!  I later learned that the secret, or really the magic was in the process! I had to learn this method for change and I did!

I started looking up classes and I drove a lot and flew a lot following world renowned PSYCH-K® teachers to be trained in this positively transformative process. The best part is that I was able to change myself while I learned to help others do the same. I now help others change their lives by changing their subconscious beliefs. I’ve never seen a process with such quick results in changing oneself. I am positively in love with this process and my clients agree. Some of my favorite things about this process are: You don’t have to dig up the past and try to connect it to the problems of today to find a solution. The process is all framed in the positive, where would you rather be, how would you rather feel, what would you rather think etc. It’s a do with process. You make the changes to your system with my facilitation. I don’t “do” it to you. I also don’t read your body’s feedback and tell you what it says. You read your bodies feedback and tell me what it says. You are empowered to find the answers and make the changes! The process is quick and easy and permanent! I see miracles every day. I feel so blessed and grateful for this process of change that transformed my life and those of people I meet with every day.

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