Recently I got my car detailed by one of those really good come to your home professionals who spends the whole day on your car. When he was done he reported that the outside of my car was in pretty good shape but the inside took him a lot more time. I thought about it and immediately knew the reason. I wanted my car to look good to others so I’d wash and wax the outside a lot. Not many people get in my car so I’d put off the interior vacuuming most weeks until I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I justify that no one besides me and the kids get’s in the car anyway. I take the junk and trash out of my car each day, but the crumbs,  dust and dirt stays put. This behavior made me stop and think. Why am I more concerned with how my car looks on the outside for others than how it looks on the inside for me and my family? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I’d justify that it’s easier to clean the outside of the car because I can just drive through a car wash but if I want the inside done I’ve got to spend more time or money or both. This situation made me question my intentions. Do I just do what’s easy and looks good from afar or do I want something better?

Later that week I was at a yoga class and the instructor brought up a topic that was very similar. She said a student was telling her how exhausted she was from getting her house ready for company. She’d been vacuuming, dusting, washing bedding, dishes, laundry, yard work etc. I started thinking, why do we let things go around us but fix them up for others instead of for ourselves? The teacher then posed an interesting question as well. What about the company between our ears? What kind of company are we for ourselves? Are we kind, sweet, empathetic, understanding and caring to ourselves like we would be to someone else or to a child? Or, do we treat ourselves poorly? I think if we are honest, most of us treat others better than we treat ourselves. Some of that poor treatment to ourselves comes from our own conscious thoughts but most of it comes from negative programming in our subconscious that functions 24/7 without us even being aware. We might have had a mother that told us we always screw everything up.  It seems bizarre but in our adult lives, we might manage to do just as she said. We seem to screw things up! Maybe we had a dad that was not around and so we feel abandoned or unworthy. We prove these feelings to ourselves when a friend starts to get a bit distant.  We might subconsciously think it’s because we are not good enough or we said the wrong thing otherwise, they’d want to be around us more. We might turn to some type of self soothing like food or alcohol to improve our mood or numb or feelings.

The good news is we can “clean” our minds! We can get rid of negative programs that derail us. But. who has time for reprogramming the mind? We are too busy to get around to taking care of us right? Why? Maybe we don’t feel worthy so we make ourselves busy by taking on too much so we can’t take care of ourselves. It’s the same reason I spend more time on the outside of the car instead of the inside or we get the house really clean for guests instead of for ourselves or our family. Maybe we don’t value ourselves enough. Another reason some say they don’t want to “clean” the mind is they’ve tried to change and it’s hard. Maybe impossible. They might think it’s a slow, expensive process. That’s because they’ve been going about it all wrong. The subconscious is programmable. It’s actually easy to rewrite subconscious beliefs.

If you only knew how easy it was to change, you’d clear your calendar and do it right now! The first steps in cleaning out the mind is figuring out what you want different. Where are you now? Where would you rather be? Write these down in a short. present tense, positive and emotionally meaningful statement like, “I am happy.” Next find a method of subconscious change that you’d like to employ to “re-write” your mind. My favorite method of change is PSYCH-K. Want to know more about PSYCH-K, the science behind it and the method? Check out these two videos.