I had the awesome opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Ivan and Elizabeth Misner. Ivan is the founder and chief visionary officer of BNI, Business Networking International, a business networking group he started over 34 years ago which now has over 9,000 chapters worldwide. Our conversation quickly turned to the power of the mind because it’s my obsession. Ivan shared with me an awesome story about his wife and what she created with the power of her mind.

Elizabeth wanted to buy 5 acres next to their home but someone else owned it and decided to build a home. Elizabeth decided that she was getting that land and wrote a check for it and pinned it on her dream board. As the owners of the property started clearing the land, Ivan shared his condolences with his wife that it looked as though the owners were proceeding with building their home and he was sorry she didn’t get the land. She told Ivan that even though it looked like that, they were still going to be able to buy the land. Ivan shook his head and smiled. Later the property owners started hauling out the old foundation that was left over from an old house that used to be on the property. Again Ivan consoled his wife who needed no consoling as she was excited they were getting rid of that old foundation from off the land she was about to buy.

A few months later their phone rang. It was the neighbors asking if they still wanted to buy the land. It was the moment Elizabeth had been waiting for. She quickly said yes and the rest is history.

What dreams are inside of you that you are letting die? Are you sure you want to let your dreams die? Why not write the check and pin it to your dream board? Why not believe so much that you literally create the reality you want? YOU have that kind of power. What dream have you let go of that you’d like to rekindle? What new reality are you ready to create. It all starts with belief. Do you believe?

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