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Does this really work? Chantel shared:

“I have had issues with anxiety my entire life. From the time I started school, to my first job, it always reared its ugly head and always got in the way of being really successful. I managed to get through high school and college, majoring in education. After getting a master’s degree, I got my first job as a fifth-grade teacher and immediately started feeling irrationally terrified and panicked, which I could not control. 

After 2-months of cognitive behavioral therapy and heavy anti-anxiety meds, plus constant breaking down and crying at my new teaching job, I was given the choice by my administration to either resign or go on a professional growth plan. I chose to resign and decided I would rather be a teacher’s aide for the remainder of my career. Fast forward 5 years to 2020 when the pandemic hit. I was working as a teacher’s aide in a low-incidence classroom, and the teacher I was working under decided to retire. I was encouraged by a friend to apply for the position, and after a little time, I was offered the position. At this time the same anxiety and panic started to take over me again. Thoughts like ‘I can’t do this. This is too much for me’ and ‘I will just fail ALL OVER AGAIN!’ I called my aunt, panicking for help, and she introduced me to Jenny and her ideas for mind reprogramming. 

The first time I worked with her she legitimately KNEW which statements I made that I ACTUALLY believed and which ones I didn’t believe and needed to work on. IMPRESSIVE!! After this, she taught me how to open my subconscious and work on reprogramming my mind to start truly believing that I could, in fact, be successful as a teacher. Now a school year later, I am going into my second year of teaching, having gotten through my first year successfully, without crippling anxiety and panic. Jenny first told me to create positive statements and then we would make action steps to maintain whatever that goal was (in my case: being more calm and confident as a professional). Jenny even sent me recorded videos, so I was still able to practice using the recordings to maintain my goals. 

Honestly, this process works!! I personally plan on continuing it for current goals and goals in the future not only professionally but in all aspects of my life. I also truly do believe it is so much more effective than meds or even therapy ever were. If you have goals in mind, no matter what they are, but just can’t seem to accomplish them, give Jenny a try, I really think that you will not regret it.” -Chantel

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