In 1463, a block of marble was provided by a local quarry in Northern Tuscany. An artist was hired to carve a statue of David, the David who slew the giant Goliath in the Bible.

The artist got only as far as a rough cut of David, and then left the project and later passed away. The statue sat for 10 years until a new artist was hired to continue the work. That artist was quickly let go. The statue sat for another 26 years untouched.

In 1500, the Catholic church decided to again find an artist to finish the statue. Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as many other famous artist of the time were consulted… but finally the 26-year-old Michelangelo was given the contract. Michelangelo worked on the 17-foot statue for over two years until The David was complete.

So what does The David have to do with you?

You are The David. You are a masterpiece.

Sometimes, you do not see that. Most often, you do not see that. You focus on your perceived imperfections. You are trapped in your own self-sabotage and limiting beliefs about who you really are and what you can really accomplish.

In this week’s Takeaway Tuesday Tip, I share more about the topic on: Are You Ready to Uncover Who You Really Are?

At Balanced You™, people hire us like they did Michelangelo, to help you chip off all the pieces of marble (limiting beliefs) that keep you thinking you are less then or unworthy or lacking in some way.

When you transform your mind with our process, you will see who was there all along. Truly a masterpiece. And when you see that masterpiece is you, you will begin to see it in others too. The world transforms due to your perception. How do you want to see yourself? How do you want to see others?

You really can live a life that feels like Heaven on Earth, if you will remember who you are and live your purpose.

We know you can do it and we are here to support you. We see the masterpiece you are. Do you want to see it too?

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To Your Ultimate Success,

Jenny and the Balanced You™ Team