I saw a very impressive Britian’s Got talent contestant and could not get her song out of my head. I was walking around singing her song for a week. Sing it with me… Highway to Heaven! Highway to Heaven! My kids asked me if I knew what the words to that song really were. I told them I did know the words and I was singing them. Highway to Heaven! My kids then told me that I was not singing the words quite right. They told me it’s not heaven, it’s the other place. I didn’t believe them! I’ve known this song my whole life and I know for sure that it’s Highway to Heaven! Well my kids and google proved me wrong. How could I have heard the words to this song inaccurately for so many years?

If you know me, I’m a very conservative gal. I’ve never tasted alcohol or even coffee. I’ve never pierced my ears and I won’t even say the word that is the opposite of Heaven. I was taught to be very conservative and I’m happy hanging out in this space. As I have learned about energy, I’ve learned that our actions reverberate endlessly throughout humanity. So maybe my clean mouth is more beneficial then I’ve ever realized.

In his book The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, he tells about an amazing experiment that was done with water. He talks about a book entitled Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. Emoto researched the crystalline structure of water. “Mr. Emoto and his colleagues found that water droplets would form widely different crystalline patterns or “snowflakes” after being exposed to different kinds of music and then frozen. Exposure to acid rock music, for example, would result in a very disrupted crystal, while a Mozart symphony would result in a beautifully formed crystal.

Taking their research further showed that by writing different words or phrases onto a piece of paper, and then taping the paper to a vial of water and leaving it overnight, different crystalline structures would result. The phrase “I love you” would invariably result in a symmetrical, well-shaped and beautiful ice crystal, while the phrase “I hate you” would result in a very asymmetrical and disrupted crystal. The most intensely beautiful ice crystals of all were formed when water was exposed overnight to the phrase “Love and Gratitude.”

Remember that your body is over 70% water. Can you see how important it is to maintain thoughts of positivity instead of negativity? Imagine how your life would be if you filled yourself with thoughts of love and gratitude on a continual basis. Imagine how people would be drawn to you. Imagine what your life could be like. I believe this is how our lives are actually intended to be!”

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