On a scale of 0-10 how passionate are you? AND, what kind of passion are you thinking about? There are many types of passion. It’s fun, exciting and enjoyable to live a passionate life. Do you know anyone who’s passion became an obsession? Sounds like the groundwork for a great dramatic movie right?  Check out this passion video.

I was born with a lot of passion. When I get behind a cause, watch out! When I decided to move into the field of mind reprogramming we sold our big house and started over as my big earnings in my previous line of work where I was producing double digits in the millions was about to take a 100% pay cut when I started over at ground zero in a new business. My husband was very supportive of my new venture. He has seen my passion and knew that in no time at all, I’d create another successful business.  And, because the field of work I was getting into was my passion, I’d find equal or greater success. I love his confidence in me.

I do tent to turn my passion into obsession so I’ve got to always keep myself in check. I get so excited about what I’m doing and how I can help so many people change their lives that my mind just get’s into this creation loop and won’t stop planning and strategizing.

I sleep easy thankfully but recently I’d noticed that even while sleeping I was making business plans and I’d wake up a bit tired from the long night of planning sessions going on in my head while I slept. I can do the reprogramming process I practice in my office with myself but it’s always nice to get an outside of myself perspective so I hired one of my facilitators to help me calm down my work obsession and turn it back into a passion instead. We did some testing to see where I was on the passion scale and I was running at an 11 on a scale of 0-10. We then tested and found my ideal level of passion was an 8. I reprogrammed my mind so that I could be at an 8 instead of an 11. The results were immediate. My head that felt it was starting to spin felt an immediate calm. That night and beyond I slept well without making business strategy plans all night in my sleep. How nice to just enjoy normal dreams again.

The power of the mind is fascinating. Even more fascinating is our power to change our subconscious programming and really within minutes. We need to change the subconscious because that is what is running us. Mindfulness is nice but it’s not change and it takes constant effort. The subconscious is processing 40 million bits of information per second. Tap into that processing power and that is were fast and easy change comes from.

In what areas of your life would you like to have more of less passion?