The voice inside your head speaks positively or negatively to you at the rate of 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day according to psychologists.

If the voice you are hearing does not sound like this little guy…

You need the Transformation Factor™!

The Transformation Factor™ is online group mind reprogramming at it’s finest!

Due to the COVID-19 Craziness, Jenny is gifting you a FREE month in this program!

Why? Because she wants you to not only survive but thrive today and always.

What if you are already enrolled in the Transformation Factor™?

Gift your month to a friend or family member who could use some support and transformation and belief and ultimate success!

How does the Transformation Factor™ work?

You bring 6-8 goals to the group zoom call online and Jenny uses the Balanced You™™ process to help you and the group program your minds for success during this power hour that happens twice per month. And, your goals remain private yet you leave transformed!

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To Your Ultimate Success –

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team

P.S. – Do you know someone who would like to join our Spanish Transformation Factor™? If so, have them schedule a free call with Balanced You™™ Facilitator Connie Garcia-Knox to learn more and enroll.

P.P.S – Would you like to know more about how mind reprogramming works and try it out? Listen to Jenny’s latest podcast with Lois Koffi recorded just last week.