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Some of you might be getting a little antsy from the long lock down! The combination of close family proximity, job, business and income loss, forced homeschooling, being stuck at home with no hope of socialization or outside entertainment in site, family members sick and even passing away, loneliness, 2020 goals dashed, it can be so difficult. However, it can be much less difficult. How?

Do you remember the movie Pollyanna? Pollyanna believes that all problems can be solved with a positive attitude. But what if you don’t feel positive? What if you are sad, mad, board, fearful, anxious, worried, stressed out and more? How can you just feel positive?

I wondered this many times in my past. I wanted to feel happy, healthy and terrific in my life, but I didn’t. So what did I do? I faked it. And guess what happened? I got to be a really good faker. I did not fake it ‘till I made it, I just kept faking it. Why? Because I never did ‘make it’ using that method.  Faking it was not changing me. I was an actress, acting for the world to see but sometimes, at home especially, I’d forget the part I was playing, and my real feelings would come out. Eek! I wanted to change. I wanted to feel different, but I really just could not figure out how to permanently change how I felt from the inside out.

But in 2015 I met a medical doctor who taught me about the power of my mind and 6-hours later I was changed. No more faking it, I was a different Jenny. How could that be? I was able to change my internal perception, so I saw the world through different eyes. This process amazed me so much that I walked away from a business where I was making millions, sold my custom home, and started over helping others reprogram their mind to find the joy, health, wealth, and the happiness they’ve been searching for.

Now, more than ever during these crazy times of COVID-19, it’s so important for us to keep our mind right. But not just by being positive because that only lasts as long as we are trying, but by actually changing ourselves, by changing our perspective. How do you do that?

Jenny will show you how on this video…

To Your Ultimate Success –

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team