“UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE CAN YOU MOVE THE FLAGS” is what my husband told our 4 kids one day while he was fixing sprinklers and marking the system with flags. He made them all raise their right hand and promise they would not touch the flags as they were playing in the yard and he needed to go to the garage and grab a few things. When he came back from the garage he stopped and stared in disbelief. The kids had not touched the flags as they promised, but they did add about 100 more flags to the yard making it impossible to know which flags were marking underground sprinkler pipes and which flags the kids had placed in random locations. The only thing my husband could do was to shake his head and laugh.

This story reminds me of my search for a cure for chronic pain. I spent most of my life in chronic pain starting in elementary school. By 12 years old I was on prescription pain killers. In my 30’s I had ulcers in my stomach and bladder and was in liver failure from all the pain pills. At 35 I had a full hysterectomy to help with pain. That surgery was followed by years of infections which cleared up just in time for me to break my back in a hiking accident. My pain was like those flags in the yard. I didn’t know what to do or where to look to fix my pain. As soon as I thought I had it all figured out, my pain would shift. My back pain got so bad that I literally could not sit down for years. The doctors told me I’d have to learn to live with my pain as I had tried every method of eastern and western medicine including but not limited to major surgery and nothing worked. I told the doctors that I was not going to live like this and I would find a way out of my pain once and for all. I was going to search until I was pain free. In December 2015 I found my answer and that was the power of my mind. Who knew that you could heal your body with your mind. I now know and love sharing this SCIENTIFIC FACT with anyone who will listen.

I’m so excited to announce that I have a new book coming out that shares my journey! It’s called Breaking to Be Me, The Secret to Overcoming Chronic Pain. I’m looking for readers who would like to read my non-formatted PDF version and give me a testimonial if you think it’s due. If you are interested comment below and when it’s back from the editor within the next month I’ll send you a copy.

Do you know someone that suffers with Chronic Pain? I’d love to share my story with them. There is hope. I believe with the power of the mind, you can transform any part of your life you want. Most of us just don’t know how to tap into that power so instead of creating our life we let it happen to us. If you are ready to turn your life or your pain around, schedule a no cost 30-minute call with myself or my team.