I’m so excited that I got to know and meet Yvonne Larson at several recent business conferences and I’m honored that she asked me to be on her Play to Win Podcast. I love the level of prep that Yvonne and I have been doing for this interview. We’ve both asked some really deep questions and I’ve really enjoyed my thinking time about the questions she has posed to me pre-show. The show will be posted here on 11/14/18.

One question I really loved discussing with Yvonne was the difference between change and alignment. So many times my clients think something is wrong with them and they want me to help them change. But what’s usually the case is they are slathered in limiting beliefs which keeps them from living their purpose and passion and finding love, joy, success and pleasure in all they do. When we reprogram the mind, we can live our passion and our purpose with ease. So the goal is more alignment which at first might feel like change but then it just feels like coming home. We find comfort, peace and joy in alignment.

The mind reprogramming we do at Balanced You™ is not mindset change or motivation or even positive affirmations. This is actually accessing the subconscious mind and changing the automatic programs. The subconscious is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind and controls us 95-99% of the day. The programs the subconscious runs are the programs you picked up when you were young and your brain was in a theta state, typically from 0-7 years of age. Just like we learned the language that was spoken in our home, we also learned how to handle money, relationships, parenting, prosperity, grief/loss, spirituality, leadership, self-esteem, team work etc. If your life does not look how you want it to look, you’ve got to change your programming to support your goals automatically.

Being out of alignment in your subconscious is like having two magnets that are turned the wrong way. If you keep trying to push the magnets together, it’s a real struggle and if you do somehow get them together they pop back apart the minute you stop trying. When we help you reprogram your mind, we are not helping you to change you, were flipping that magnet over so that you are now in alignment with yourself and your goals and dreams. How long can you keep two magnets together that are attracting each other? Forever right? It’s so easy, you can even set them down and they stay together. You can even pack them in a box for a year and when you open that box, those magnets are still together, they are in alignment and in ease instead of dis-ease.

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