The other night, I’m driving home from yoga and stopped for gas. I debate going inside to buy a car wash and decide to go for it as my car fills with gas. The line was long and I was in a sleepy yoga daze. The attendant at the counter started telling me all sorts of stories, I still am not sure why. I finally get out of the mini mart and hop into my car to start driving over to the car wash when I hear a loud POP! I look around and I see a lady with her hand over her mouth staring in shock as she’s looking at me. What just happened? Oh my goodness, did I just forget to take the gas pump out of my car and drive away with it in my car? I slowly back up, park and walk over to the pump. There is no gas hose or handle. I look at my car and it’s not in my car either. What the heck? I look around and notice the hose and nozzle up by the front of my car. Apparently it works kind of like a boomerang. I pick it up and walk it into the store and get back in line holding the pump and hose. I hand it to the cashier and apologize and ask how I pay for the damage. I’m hoping he can just pop it back on as it didn’t look broken but he said please hold while I call the owner. The gas station owner first tells me “thank you for not driving away without saying anything,” then he tells me that this happens constantly, glad I’m not the only one, and next he says it’s $280 because due to California laws he has to pay a specialist to come reattach it and test the emissions. I paid and apologized again and can’t stop laughing at the thought of the whole adventure. I can bet that for the next 10 years I will check that I took the gas pump out of the car before I drive off! 

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