We just celebrated Earth Day. What a glorious Earth we live in! How blessed we all are!

A friend and I decided to pick-up trash to support our local Creek to Bay clean-up project.

At first it was hard to find trash but the harder we looked for it, the more we found.

Especially on my way home from the clean-up, there seemed to be trash at every turn! The trash that I had ignored before had come into my awareness and every single piece stood out like a sore thumb!

Here’s why…

Are you ready to take out the trash in your life?

The limiting thinking, the self-sabotage, the mind chatter? Are you ready to clear out the negative thinking running under the surface keeping you from living your best life?

If so, I invite you to come to my women’s retreat happening this weekend. Let me help you take out your trash (limiting beliefs/thinking) and replace it with your ultimate success. Let me help you transform your thinking and your way of being and your relationships and your success.

You don’t even realize how stinky your life is until you take out your trash, stinkin’ thinkin’ as my client Jill calls it, and notice the difference!

What’s stopping you from joining us? Stinkin’ thinkin’. Push it aside. It’s time.

Learn more and register now. It’s not too late to join us this weekend!

To Your Ultimate Success-

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team

“The retreat was caring and safe. A great place to look deep and regain energy and center. A place to find your light. It was a divine feminine connection in a sacred space. It was healing and full of growth and discoveries. There was complete guidance. It was nourishing. It was soulful. It was bonding. It was fun! It was a delight to the soul.”Delores, Crystal & Alicia