As I delve deeper into science, I learn that things I thought were “woo-woo,” I just didn’t understand. I put some of those “woo-woo” ideas in the “weird” box or maybe even the “evil” box and avoided them for my own spiritual well-being.

As I study quantum physics, I’m learning however that I’ve been missing out on helpful concepts for my growth because I didn’t understand them and was frankly a bit scared of them. Not that I have a perfect understanding of quantum physics now, even scientists don’t, but I feel more open to looking at new ideas then I ever have before.

After looking into an idea or process, I decide if that new thing I’m investigating brought me more light and growth and helped me become the best me. If it does, I enjoy it, grow from it and share it. I feel it is my birthright to evolve and grow and become the very best me I can be and to help others do the same.

What I’m about to share with you has very recently been a huge benefit to me and my staff.

Sadly, I avoided it for years because it sounded a little too “woo-woo” for me.

It may seem a little too “woo-woo” for you too, but I’d ask you to open your mind to this interview and see what you think. Knowledge is power!

I interviewed Patrick and Kathryn after I had a session with them that BLEW MY MIND and I knew I had to share them with you!

Why did the session blow my mind? Because they gave me 45-minutes of business advice that was more profound than any other business information I’ve ever gotten because it was custom to me. They were literally reading the intuitive part of my mind. Part of my subconscious that I can’t access. Sharing with me helpful information that was in me. When they shared the information, it made so much sense. It felt like they just found the missing pieces of my puzzle for continued growth.

Would you like to learn the secrets to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth that are sitting inside of you untapped and unaccessible?

Theirs is not a process, it’s pure information from your subconscious that they share with you.

Pure information that will help you improve your life personally and professionally.

Are you ready to open your mind even further for your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth?

Schedule your own session with Patrick and Kathryn today.

To your ultimate success-

Jenny and The Balanced You™ Team