Last year Jenny created her own process of subconscious mind reprogramming called Summit Transformation™.

Jenny and her facilitators have been using Jenny’s process, Summit Transformation™ exclusively since then with tremendous results. Jenny is ready to share her process with the world!

What does that mean to you?

That means you can get certified by Jenny in her mind reprogramming process.

You can learn to program your own mind for success.

You can help your family and friends transform.

You could event start a business helping others.

Or, if you are already in the healing field, you can add Summit Transformation™ to your current toolbox of transformation processes to help others live their best lives.

Learn Jenny’s secrets for programming your mind for success and then at any moment and at any time you can transform your struggles and help others do the same.

Learn more and registered now for Jenny’s FIRST certification class taught by owner and founder, Jenny Harkleroad.

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To your success,

Jenny Harkleroad