They say desperate times call for desperate measures. Are we getting desperate enough? With all that’s going on in the world I’d definitely say yes. Gone are the days that we can just snap out of the way we are feeling. There is just too much to process!

A constant barrage of negative happenings in the world is a lot for anyone to bear. So how do we handle the happenings of the world with grace and ease? How do we feel peace, balance, and joy instead of fear, worry and anxiety?

The secret lies in the science of you!

In a classic case of fight or flight, your blood leaves your organs and shuts down your immune system and stops you rational thinking because all you need to do is RUN.

Problem is, you are not Forrest Gump! You may sit at your desk in this state of body and mind or home trying to help the kids with virtual school due to COVID. You might try to feel balance, peace, and joy but those positive feelings seem so elusive.

How do you turn it around? How can you be balanced in an unbalanced world?

According to PhD. cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, you can change how you feel by changing your beliefs or perceptions. Based on how your system reads the signals coming in is how your system reacts to those signals. Change the automated response to the signal and you change the print our of how you think, feel, act, and react.

If your system reads the external signal as RUN, it just wants to run.

You can reprogram your response. You can program yourself to feel balance, peace, and joy even in crazy times.

If you are ready for some balance, peace and joy, join me this Thursday and I’ll share the 3 Secrets to Creating Balance, Peace, and Joy.

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To your balance, peace, and joy,

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team