Is your life happening to you or are you creating it from the inside out?

In the past I thought my life was happening to me and I was dealing with it the best I could. I played the victim. I tried to get through the hard times and keep my chin up.

But then I discovered something…

I discovered I was not the victim; I was actually creating my reality with the subconscious programming I’d picked up along the way. Trouble was, I picked up a lot of negative programming and didn’t like my reality much.

I decided to change it, my programming, and my life.

And literally like a magic wand, my life started transforming for the better right before my very eyes.

I was shocked, blown away, fascinated. So much so that I sold my business and my house and started studying the mind!

I learned that we are creators. Creating at every moment. Our thoughts really are things. What starts in our mind, really does turn to matter.

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Jenny and the Balanced You™ team