On a scale of 0-10 (0 being the hardest and 10 being the easiest,) how easy is it for you to:

Exercise daily __________

Make healthy food and drink choices __________

Get enough rest __________

Enjoy your relationships with your family _________

Take time for self-care __________

Be patient when someone cuts you off on the freeway __________

Enjoy your job or business and co-workers or staff __________

Wake up happy and rested __________

Laugh out loud __________

Dance like nobody is watching __________

Forgive wholeheartedly after a disagreement __________

Find friends who love you unconditionally __________

Make wise choices with your money __________

Make as much money as you want to make __________

Feel young and healthy __________

Take time for hobbies __________

Make time for family and friends and fun __________

Speak kindly to yourself __________

If you didn’t answer 10 to any of these, here’s why…

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