Happy Thanksgiving week! We are so thankful for you! What a pleasure it is to know a group of people who are always looking to improve themselves and their lives which makes the whole world a better place.

Sometimes life can be hard. Then mix it with 2020 and the upcoming Holidays and it can bring some feelings of overwhelm. Learn how to transform that overwhelm. Join me for my free masterclass, The 3 Secrets to Creating Balance, Peace, and Joy at www.BalancedYou.org/Overwhelm.

As you are all aware, 2020 has been a doozy of a year. We can all quickly point out what’s been wrong with 2020 but let’s flip it around and let’s look at some of the good parts.

For me, 2020 has blessed me with:

  • More sleep! (No driving kids to school and going through the morning rush.)
  • More family time. (Family walks and games and movies.)
  • New hobbies. (I’ve been practicing the piano and I’ve taken up pleasure reading.)
  • Greater spirituality. (I’m a Jesus fan and I’ve been spending more time in His word.)
  • More knowledge. (I’ve been studying more about my field of work.)
  • I’m physically stronger. (I started lifting weights with a trainer each week.)

What has 2020 blessed you with?




I’m so thankful for the hard things I’ve been though in my life that lead me to discover the power of the mind and how we can reprogram it and transform our lives with that new programming.

Remember to join me for my free masterclass to transform your Overwhelm and to create Balance, Peace, and Joy: www.BalancedYou.org/Overwhelm.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team