We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and dreaming. By the age of 60, that’s about 20 years of our life!

Dreams are a gateway to our subconscious mind and intuition.

Enhancing dream recall will also increase our intuitive abilities.

My friends Patrick and Kathryn Andries, owners of Intuitive School, will share tips and techniques to remember your dreams and open up to your intuition. This will allow you to receive the support and guidance to live your best life.

Did you know your dreams can reveal to you:
  • Intuitive messages
  • Solutions to problems
  • Creative ideas
  • Future events
  • and More!

Lucky for you, the Andries are experts in dreams and the connection to our intuition. They will share their knowledge in a free masterclass on Intuition, July 14th at 12 pm PT.

Register for this free class at https://BalancedYou.org/Intuition.

Stay curious,

Jenny and the Balanced You™ team