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It’s Our Once Yearly December 30-50% off SALE!

Happy December! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And, we are feeling quite generous here at Balanced You™ ...
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Happy Thanksgiving from us at Balanced You

We want to say… We are thankful for YOU! Happy Thanksgiving- Jenny and the Balanced You™ team ...
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The Secret to Solving Unsolvable Problems

Ever feel stuck? Ever feel like you can’t find a solution? Does the same problem keep haunting you day and ...
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Would you like a private coach on demand?

My past was something like this… Do you ever get tears in your ears? Sick and tired of being sick ...
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The Secret to Solving Problems

Albert Einstein says… Ready to change your health? Ready to change your wealth? Ready to change your finances? Ready to ...
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Anxiety Dragging You Down? Change it Right Now with LEAP!

Anxiety is an epidemic in our world right now from kids to adults. My friend’s doctor shared… How do you ...
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Got Pain? We Have a Solution

Stiff neck, sore back, aching muscles, tender knees, headaches, cramps, digestive upset and more can be caused by your mind! ...
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Want to LEAP to Your Success on Demand Right Now?

The science or transformation has combined with the high-tech world we live in and allowed me to create (with tech ...
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LEAP into your Atomic Habits

I recently listened to the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and highly recommend it! I’m going to share some thoughts from ...
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17 Seconds to FREEDOM

Would you like to be free? Free from: Stress Worry Fear Doubt Struggles Upset Frustration Procrastination Pain Disappointment FREEDOM begins ...
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