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Want More Sales?

I’m excited to share that I’ve just recorded a brand-new SOAR sales training course available online to help you get ...
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Sit, Stay…Stay, No! Sit, Stay, Good Brain!

One of my amazing mentors, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin PhD, told me that training your brain is like training a dog ...
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The Secret To Your Success

Lean in. I’ve got a secret to share. Press play on the video… Discover a process that will help you ...
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Attention Coaches: Want to triple your client’s success?

“Oh baby, a triple!” That’s right coaches. You can help your clients triple their success and beyond when you help ...
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Big Announcement!

I’m excited to announce that… That I've got a new side hustle! Watch the video for details... And... I’m looking ...
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Last Women’s Retreat of the Summer Announced!

Because you begged, I’m holding another WOMEN’S RETREAT! Happening This Summer! August 26-28, 2021! 3-days in San Diego paradise transforming ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Your Body Knows™ the Answer. What Is It?

You don’t need a doctor to figure out what’s wrong with your body. You don’t need a psychologist to figure ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Ready to Learn the SECRETS to Programming Your Mind?

At Balanced You™, we are obsessed with the power of the mind! The subconscious mind that is! Why, because it’s around one million ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Just Because I’m Shaking Doesn’t Mean It’s Hard

“Just because I’m shaking doesn’t mean it’s hard…” Life can be hard. But it can also be EASY! Your subconscious ...
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A ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity for YOU this month!

I’ve hired famous Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin to study the brain and energy field of everyone who participates in my ...
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