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Takeaway Tuesday-Only ONE Seat Left!

This week is our first ever Summit Transformation™ Certification Course! Until now, you had to hire me or my team to ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Only 3 Seats Left! Is one for you?

We’ve only got 3 seats left in our first ever certification course happening next week! Is one of those chairs ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Join Me Live!

How are you doing? I mean really, how are you doing? I’m not looking for the “I’m good, how are ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Don’t hire Jenny! Program Yourself for Success!

You heard it here first folks! I don’t want you to hire me. Why not? Because you can program yourself ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – A PhD. Brain Study of Jenny’s Process

We are excited to share that Jenny hired a PhD. to do a brain study of her process. The goal ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Want to get Certified in Jenny’s Mind Change Process?

Last year Jenny created her own process of subconscious mind reprogramming called Summit Transformation™. Jenny and her facilitators have been using ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Summit Transformation™ Level 3 REVEALED

At Balanced You™ we specialize in advance mindset transformations. In other words, reprogramming the mind for success. Why? Because your ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – How to Create your DREAM Life

Is your life happening to you or are you creating it from the inside out? In the past I thought ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Want to Rock the Last Quarter of The Year in Sales?

What a year it’s been. Wow! Not quite what we all had in mind when we talked about how 2020 ...
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Takeaway Tuesday – Want More Balance, Peace and Joy?

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. Are we getting desperate enough? With all that’s going on in the ...
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