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10 Lucky Ladies and the BIG Reveal!

Yes the rumors are true… I am holding a 3-Day retreat on Mission Bay in San Diego for 10 lucky ...
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Who are the 10 Lucky Ladies?

My family has been having a love affair with a resort in San Diego called The Dana on Mission Bay for as ...
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COVID Freebies for YOU!

We could all use some good news, right?!? We’ve sure been through our fair share of struggle this year. I ...
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Trying to Lose Weight? Trying to Exercise More?

Why do we eat? Because we are hungry AND for pleasure, for stress, for celebration, for boredom, to feel better, ...
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The Answer to your Question is Yes!

Looking for answers to your questions? Do you what to know the missing piece? Do you want to know your ...
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Want FREE SuperPower Health Secrets?

Jenny and Adita are so excited to offer you The Superpower Health Secrets Masterclass at no cost! This event is for YOU if ...
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One FREE Month for YOU!

The voice inside your head speaks positively or negatively to you at the rate of 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day according ...
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If it Walks Like a Duck, it Must be a Chicken!

Yes it’s true, we are like the people we hang out with most and this cute little chicken thinks it’s ...
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Decide To Move

We all make decisions every day. We decide to move in a certain direction and for one reason or another ...
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Jenny’s Trick for Surviving The COVID-19 Lockdown with Ease and Grace

Hey friends! Some of you might be getting a little antsy from the long lock down! The combination of close ...
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